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Need some help with abbreviations

8 Dec 2019, 09:09 AM
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Hello, lads, i'm new on forum, not very expierenced player in CoH2, and besides, i'm from Russia, so that's why i don't understand abbreviations you all use in discussions. For example, i know what means MG (Machine Gun) and AT (Anti-tank, right?), but i don't know what is KT, EC and etc, ect...
Can you write abbreviations meanings, please? And sorry for bad english. Thank you
10 Dec 2019, 16:02 PM
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The most common ones off the top of my head:
T1/T2/etc. = Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.
BP = BattlePhase (Ostheer tech)
HQ = Headquarters

KT = King Tiger (Tiger II)
ST = SturmTiger
JT = JagdTiger
JLI = Jaeger Light Infantry
IS = Infantry Sections
RET = Rear Echelon Troops (USF engineers)
RE = Royal Engineers (UKF engineers)
CE = Combat Engineer (SOV engineers)
SP = SturmPioneers (OKW engineers)
VG = Volksgrenadiers
PG = PanzerGrenadiers
P4 = Panzer IV
JP4 = Jagdpanzer IV
P5 = Panzer V Panther
CP5 = Command Panzer V Panther
UC = Universal Carrier
FF = FireFly
LT = Lieutenant (USF tech)
CAP = Captain (USF tech)
(S)CAS = (Stuka) Close Air Support
EZ8 = Sherman "Easy Eight" (M4A3E8)
AE = Assault Engineers

Cons = Conscripts
Rifles = Riflemen
Grens = Grenadiers
Pios = Pioneers (Ostheer engineers)
Assgrens = Assault Grenadiers
Tommies = Infantry Sections
Paras = Paratroopers
Obers = Obersoldaten
Pfussies = Panzerfusiliers
Falls = Fallschirmjeager
Katy = Katyusha
Stuka = Walking Stuka (OKW rocket arty)
222 = Sd.kfz.222 Scout Car (Ostheer), 444/666 = two or three 222s (multiplied)
Scott = M8 Scott (USF howitzer tank)
M3 / clown car = M3 Scout Car (Soviets)
Werfer/Pwerfer = Panzerwerfer (OST rocket arty)

LMG = Light Machine Gun (on infantry squads)
HMG = Heavy Machine Gun (team weapons)
ATG = Anti-Tank Gun
AR = Assault Rifle
SMG = SubMachine Gun

AI = Anti-Infantry
AT = Anti-Tank
DPS/DPM = Damage Per Second/Minute
CQC = Close Quarters Combat
Arty = Artillery
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