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When blaming faction is wrong.

by Esxile 12th August 2019, 19:19 PM
Crossroads (2)
  • [00:10:28] Butcher: worse infatry? germans, worse light vehicles? germans. best tnaks its a tie
  • [00:10:31] Butcher: balacnce my ass
  • [00:10:56] Butcher: us is just runnign in and win
  • [00:11:00] Butcher: fukcing scrub game
  • [00:11:08] Estal'xile: where is your 222
  • [00:11:14] Estal'xile: you didn't cap your fuel
  • [00:11:18] Estal'xile: I started with 2 RE
  • [00:11:25] Butcher: how when early is gardened up?
  • [00:11:30] Estal'xile: so less firepowert for more caping power
  • [00:11:34] Butcher: usa can just outspam germans
  • [00:11:48] Butcher: and the eraly light vehicle advatnage does the rest
  • [00:11:53] Estal'xile: then fast m20, I just had 2 riflemen when you have 4 gre
  • [00:11:58] Butcher: noobs can easily win as allies and germans are on the backffot
  • [00:12:13] Estal'xile: this map gives a lot of fuel
  • [00:12:15] Butcher: ill idle since i dont support scumback tactics
  • [00:13:06] Estal'xile: and i picked up two time your hmg unsupported
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12 Aug 2019, 19:19 PM
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Everything wrong blaming the faction when playing poorly and not being able to analyze a simple situation:

  • Crossroad gives a lot of fuel, I decided to go 2xRE to get more capping power at cost of firepower
  • I only build 2 riflemen squad vs 4 gren
  • he see my lieutenant but still build a sniper
  • Obviously no grenadier cover for the sniper and probably used as a-move without using green cover
  • No 222 to counter the M20
  • Blaming the faction when he poorly managed his HMG.42 which was completely disconnected from his grenadiers

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