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3x atgun bug

by |GB| The Hooligan486 15th December 2018, 15:42 PM
  • [00:00:08] OrangePest: gl hf
  • [00:00:09] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: glhf
  • [00:00:21] [NS] TüMe: gl
  • [00:09:09] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: atgun0
  • [00:09:10] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: bugged
  • [00:20:58] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: second0at0gun0bugged
  • [00:21:00] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: yeahboi
  • [00:30:21] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: 3rd0at0gun
  • [00:30:23] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: bugged
  • [00:30:25] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: ffs
  • [00:33:56] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: sturmtiger was supossed to do no damage right?
  • [00:33:58] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: to tanks?
  • [00:34:05] OrangePest: What?
  • [00:34:17] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: sturmtiger almost killed my si86
  • [00:34:20] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: su85
  • [00:34:24] OrangePest: They dont one shot
  • [00:35:23] |GB| The HS H[oo]ligan: gg
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15 Dec 2018, 15:42 PM
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My zis gun bugged out 3 times. I fully finished barage and after it didn't want to move anymore. First time when it got killed the whole gun got killed, 2nd time it just got decrewd. And i thought sturmtiger didn't do damage to tanks anymore? Maybe my birds told me wrong stuff tho :P

But somebody should definitely check out these zis guns.
15 Dec 2018, 15:47 PM
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wow double post, noob :spam:

edit. Besides that friendly calling, yeah havent ever seen zis bugging 3x in a game. Its not the usual bug, that 1 crew member left and it cant be destroyed, but the gun cant move at all.
16 Dec 2018, 12:43 PM
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Zis bug cant be fixed unless they hire a new animator to fix the broken one. GLHF.
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