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Watch out for this troll!

by William Christensen 27th December 2017, 10:09 AM
  • [00:21:33] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: my teammate don't know how to tech wtf!?
  • [00:23:48] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: TANK!
  • [00:25:32] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: This guy refused to get tank
  • [00:25:39] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: i swear he is a troll
  • [00:29:46] SlayeR: lol
  • [00:29:55] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: Like seriously
  • [00:29:59] drinu019: xd
  • [00:30:04] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: THIS GUY IS TROLLING ME
  • [00:30:23] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: Just end my suffering, plz
  • [00:30:40] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: OH F*CK OFF TROLLER
  • [00:31:07] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: is there a way to report this guy
  • [00:31:34] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: I'm in top 400 just to met this bastard
  • [00:31:50] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: unbelievable
  • [00:32:03] ★★ §Royal Weapon§ ★★: just get out off my base, plz...i'll surrender
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27 Dec 2017, 10:09 AM
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I came back after 2 months of hiatus just to get paired up with this troll!?

I did played few matches before that so I did get ranked already... but this guy! He refused to tech up, acted as if he never heard of teaching before and then "proudly" stated that because he's "3 stars experience" so he's superior... Yet the bastard refused to tech up despite me trying to tell him so.

When I lost my Panther, he continued to show off his "superior" attitude, laughed me off, and continuously asking me "when will I cap fuel", eventhough he didn't even help me a single bit and still NOT TECH UP! Oh and he did tech to T2 at 30-minute mark despite me telling him to do so 10 minutes ago... Like seriously!?

I don't know how reliable is the report system or will there ever a chance I would see this bastard again... but to everyone out there, becareful with this bastard!

P/s: Sorry for bad language and such... and the troll here is the "CompanyOfHeroes2" dude... damn troll!
27 Dec 2017, 10:37 AM
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It's not bannable, people can play however they want (the only exception is excessive friendly fire, doing it in almost every single match)
27 Dec 2017, 10:52 AM
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27 Dec 2017, 14:36 PM
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It's not bannable, people can play however they want (the only exception is excessive friendly fire, doing it in almost every single match)

If that's case then he should have stick to bloody 1v1! This is teamgame mode, man. I get the part "people can play however they want", but when your teammate insisted on helping you to improve, but got no cooperation in return and instead, behave like he's better and constantly trolling (already don't know something, yet refuse to learn and claim that he knows better... the dude don't even know what teching is!?... really is a shame, man)
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