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DBP 1.1 Mechanized Company vs Lightning War

by Luciano 3rd November 2017, 05:49 AM
Crossroads 1.1 (2)
Crossroads 1.1
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3 Nov 2017, 05:49 AM
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This game felt really weird, it seems that the hp buff for jackson was too much, it feels more like a medium tank without the anti infantry capabilities, the t4 rush felt really good but i felt kinda limited in one point, the repair speed of vet 0 pios is really slow, it was attacking with my tanks, receive a couple of shots with the jacksons, go back, repair for 5 min and repeat, i think vet 0 repair speed should be increased and maybe vet 2 bonus nerfed because it felt kinda bad having to make 4 pios to have a decent repair speed of tanks and i felt kinda limited also with pop cap, i had fuel to make more tanks but i was limited to 1 panther, 1 tiger and 1 brummbar and i feel that was insuficient to deal with the redwings tanks but i had ju87, that it seems like they overperform a little, so i was able to defend/attack properly but i have to test with doctrines that dont have ju87. Redwings told me that it feels kinda annoying having to use REs and rifles together but he thinks that forcing usf to use combined arms is kinda a cool idea, but this was vs ostheer i dont know how usf performs vs okw luchs rush, gotta test it, also he told me that if you dont go grenades it will be a mandatory to go mortar. Also i think there is a bug with pak twp because it takes too long to shot and algo pgren bundle nade seemed kinda buggy because of the same reason, other than that i think the idea behind teching its cool but i have to keep testing. Also it seems that the m7 mine isnt enough, i dont know how it works vs light vehicles but i activated a mine with my brummbar and it only slowed the motor and i think that should be punished, i think it should be given a normal mine. Gotta keep testing smoke with REs. Maybe also tweak down a little the stats of the mortar and give it more range?
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