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USF Cheater?

by Flyingsmonster 26th June 2016, 21:50 PM
  • [00:09:49] Admiral Adama: BULLS HIT
  • [00:09:52] Admiral Adama: BULLS HIT
  • [00:10:16] Admiral Adama: HOW THE F UCK DID THAT NADE WIPE
  • [00:16:54] Admiral Adama: coimmando spamming f uck
  • [00:16:58] Admiral Adama: god brit players are pathetic
  • [00:32:33] Admiral Adama: report this f ucker
  • [00:32:35] Admiral Adama: wow pathetic
  • [00:32:39] Admiral Adama: has to cheat to win
  • [00:32:42] Admiral Adama: f uck you c unt
  • [00:33:08] Admiral Adama: save this replay
  • [00:33:11] Admiral Adama: report to relic
  • [00:33:18] Rommel: hacker noob
  • [00:33:22] Rommel: very funy
  • [00:33:32] one handed grandpa: report to Obama
  • [00:33:41] Admiral Adama: man you are f ucked
  • [00:33:45] Admiral Adama: relic actually takes cheating seriously
  • [00:33:49] one handed grandpa: game is not me
  • [00:33:53] Admiral Adama: have fun using your trainer for now though
  • [00:34:57] Admiral Adama: report this guy, he will get a VAC ban and then send replay to relic.
  • [00:35:41] one handed grandpa: there are nor hax for coh2 if u did know this still
  • [00:36:15] Admiral Adama: go to the player list'
  • [00:36:18] Admiral Adama: click his name
  • [00:36:22] Admiral Adama: go to profile
  • [00:36:26] Admiral Adama: submit report
  • [00:36:33] Admiral Adama: suspected cheater, describe the match
  • [00:36:43] Admiral Adama: then send the replay to enforcement@relic
  • [00:41:08] one handed grandpa: sherman of death
  • [00:41:18] Admiral Adama: do you fund this fun, i'm just curious. I've never understood little 14 year old children that enjoy blatant cheating like this.
  • [00:41:32] Admiral Adama: Such immaturity, it's truly pathetic. Lowest of the low scum of the Earth.
  • [00:41:34] one handed grandpa: its not a cheating
  • [00:41:49] one handed grandpa: at all
  • [00:42:59] one handed grandpa: hillarious airnt it?
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26 Jun 2016, 21:50 PM
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Jacksons shooting from across the map. Shermans firing their main gun like a machine gun. Definitely some cheater using a trainer or whatever, hoping that Relic can ban this guy, one handed grandpa.

Took a little while for me to even realize they were cheating, until my allie's Jagdtiger just fucking disappeared with no enemy tanks in sight in the center of the map, followed by my Tiger and a Panther. I then noticed Jacksons and Shermans firing through the fog of war at his base towards the center of the map where our tanks were.
26 Jun 2016, 22:22 PM
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stop playing 4v4 if you want to experience what this game is actually about
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