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For Turbo - Commrade_General as OKW

by Commrade_General 13th September 2015, 23:37 PM
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Minsk Pocket (4)
Minsk Pocket
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13 Sep 2015, 23:37 PM
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2v2 on Minsk Pocket

It felt like I had a great start: I micro'd my kubel decently well and was able to push off the initial soviet cap of their fuel point. They soon responded with double scout cars. I put down my mechanized headquarters to respond with (if there had been a British player, I would have probably still put down the med base though). They pushed hard in mid but my ally's MG was able to keep them at bay for a bit. I was eventually able to get my puma behind their scout car to take it out.

The other team was really good at capping the far point near our base. As a result, it really slowed the game down as we had to go and continuously push them off and in the process retreat some units due to mines/demo charges. By mid-game, it had basically turned into a slug-fest in the middle. Every once in a while, I would go flank and draw their attention, but their double (maybe even triple?) sniper combo kept my infantry at bay quite a bit. I probably should have still had more infantry so my pushes could sustain longer, even with my units down some models due to snipers.

By late game, I had some decent armor out, but I wasn't able to push hard enough. I really need to figure out what I can lose when I push and what will give me the advantage. It's hard for me to invest because I always assume I'll hit a mine or get engine damage from conscript AT grenade.

But we had held middle really well, even when they tried to pull a full front assault with their IS-2. We were able to take it out without any real concern. I just felt that I should have been able to capitalize more considering our decent map control.
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