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2v2 Minsk. Crazy 80min game. Desperate end!

by Validuz 29th June 2015, 23:47 PM
  • U.S. Forces flag Validuz
  • U.S. Forces flag Zansibar
Minsk Pocket (4)
Minsk Pocket
  • Oberkommando West flag KinderpartySmackdown
  • Ostheer flag Holocoaster
  • [00:13:01] Validuz: and that lovely retreatpath
  • [00:35:18] KinderpartySmackdown: YES arty the mg you never encountered
  • [00:35:20] KinderpartySmackdown: gardening cu nt
  • [01:14:18] Validuz: gg
  • [01:14:20] Validuz: wp
  • [01:14:43] Validuz: think the fact the jacksson got abandonned was the game
  • [01:14:53] KinderpartySmackdown: nah
  • [01:14:56] KinderpartySmackdown: it did pudding
  • [01:15:01] KinderpartySmackdown: but your super gardening rifles
  • [01:15:03] KinderpartySmackdown: bs
  • [01:15:07] Validuz: tsk
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Duration: 01:16:16
29 Jun 2015, 23:47 PM
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What an absolutely crazy match. Both teams did plenty of nice moves and plenty of mistakes. (It gets exhausting and frustrating after a game this long!)
Absolutely crazy

80~ Minute game!
Crazy ending. Not much to say about it!
Elite infantry all over the place!
Stuff blowing upp all over the place!
+ My first upload. ;D

And just as the game ended i remembered i could actually place mines and build sandbags... That's what i get for not playing Americans enough i guess. ;)

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  • The British Forces flag [c.B] Guard2707
  • Soviets flag [c.B] Brosras
  • Oberkommando West flag 女性主意
  • Ostheer flag 101 Airborne Divison
uploaded by koreanmaphack

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