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RunToTheSun vs VonIvan

by RunToTheSun 1st October 2014, 00:41 AM
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  • [00:00:05] aSIIRunToTheSun: hi hf
  • [00:00:30] VonIvan: u2
  • [00:39:20] VonIvan: that moment when you realize going p2 was a bad idea
  • [00:39:21] VonIvan: Keepo
  • [00:39:38] aSIIRunToTheSun: You mean you did another ? :D
  • [00:39:46] VonIvan: there was a better way to deal with this
  • [00:39:49] VonIvan: just realizing this now
  • [00:39:51] VonIvan: really hurts
  • [00:39:53] VonIvan: :d
  • [00:39:58] VonIvan: :D*
  • [00:41:52] VonIvan: sigh
  • [00:41:55] VonIvan: y did i go p2
  • [00:41:59] VonIvan: >.<
  • [00:42:01] VonIvan: gg wp
  • [00:42:06] aSIIRunToTheSun: gg u2
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1 Oct 2014, 00:41 AM
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In this rep you can see my standard 4ES T1 vs OKW. :snfBarton:

Ivan reacted well to it by outcapping me and he was able to afford 2 Panthers shortly after the time i had my ISU out.

Nearly was doomed to lose at that point - but see yourself.
All i can say is mines win games.

I am afraid i need another strat vs him for the next game - first opponent in a while to make it a really GG.
1 Oct 2014, 02:09 AM
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I failed pretty hard with my Panthers and P2s, I honestly thought P2s were strong enough to take on the amount of AT you had with two panther topgunners(knew about the mines but thought the combined DPS would overcome the AT), boy was I wrong. Never again.......shoulda just went stuka, woulda ended the game nice and easy. :p (I get too ballsy sometimes :D) Otherwise I woulda just camped out for the rest of the game. GG WP.
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