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by rumartinez89 16th May 2022, 14:09 PM
  • [00:22:40] rumartinez89: andre why u make only obers
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16 May 2022, 14:09 PM
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Went with a sniper start while it looked like USF ally went with RE rifle nade meme build. Due to slow start OKW was able to push me back to base but I felt pretty confident I could beat him back just needed to get my car and penal play going. After some back and forth I got my flame clown car against his damaged sturmpio and fussi, I lost M3 he lost sturm so I thought it was a good trade. He keeps up pressure while bringing up his cargo truck so I just play conservatively while taking sniper shots and force a retreat and kill truck before it finishes setting up. After a bit, he tries the same thing and is able to set it down. Once again I force mass retreat while getting a wipe, damage cargo truck but low on munis. I decide to go terror so I can get an immediate Airborne squad to help defend while I save up muni for final satchel. He comes but I am able to destroy the truck. I play it safe and retreat again he decides to go mechanized to get luchs out.
Rest of map is pretty evenly split, however due to brits and RE meme build they have no snare so any good LV push could mess them up bad. Since I get PTRS for a Penal squad the Luchs harasses mid VP. He does a good job but I don't see any other unit from him due to wipes. Looking at the replay he starts to store up manpower as he stalls for Obers. Due to his lack of field presence I attempt to attack mid Axis but I get pushed back a few times. I feel I can get it just need to catch him at the right time. I finally wipe a few squads as allies did a good job of pushing him back at the same time. At this point 2 Axis players have nor army but mid player happens to get his P4J and rushes for USF scott which he kills due to lack of snares and AT.
I try to ram but fail spectacularly between my tank, PTRS and Ranger zooks we are able to get him to about quarter health and as he thinks he gets away clean he runs over a mine I placed and dies. At this point right side Axis finally pumps out 5, yes 5 Obers and begins to attack me. Due to all the stalling he did I am able to get out my T34 and pretty much bully him back making them fairly useless and with heavy reinforce cost keeps him from being able to spam Raks. His team mates start to drop and he pushes me one more time with puma but PTRS is there so he calls it quits.
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