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Penal/Airborne Guards vs Falls

by rumartinez89 19th July 2021, 15:53 PM
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  • [00:13:40] rumartinez89: wow
  • [00:13:45] tanne455: its a joke
  • [00:13:55] rumartinez89: rng went my way
  • [00:14:03] rumartinez89: last 2 games had like 4 bounces each
  • [00:50:48] tanne455: gg wp
  • [00:50:50] rumartinez89: gg
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19 Jul 2021, 15:53 PM
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Started game with conscript, Penal, Clown car. Usual harass and decap while I build more Penal squads. Once I hit CP2 called in weapon crate for SMG penal and call in Dshka. Just kept pressuring and gas stealing so that I could rush T3476. At about 20 mins had sizeable lead 3 tanks and Katy vs 1 P4J

At this point I start to fuck up.

Hit him his tank with AT strafe and rushed his base with 3 tanks to chase and kill. Got the kill but lost all 3 tanks and now my gas and MP advantage is mostly gone. From here on I am getting minimal kills with Katy and his fall are getting Vet to deal with my infantry. I am winning in points but his army is slowly getting stronger.

Finally, my katy starts connecting and getting more kills/wipes so he gets more jumpy and I catch him out of position a few times with either AT strafe or 76 blob.

He tries to hold out for a 3 tank army but his points at this point were to low and I get the win.

At 6 minutes I tried to pick up weapon crate with Penal squad that was merged with conscripts and the weapon crate did nothing. Did it twice to check and then called a 3rd and captured with different squad to see if it was unit or game bug.
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