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momo4sho's California Classic 2

2nd entry into the tournament series with even more games this time.


  • 1v1, 500 VP
  • Each tournament bracket will be played in a day
  • Maximum of eight players
  • Single elimination
  • All rounds Best of Three except for the finals which will be Best of Five
  • Allies on position 1; Axis on 2
  • Observer Delay 5 minutes, password bypass off

Map and Faction Selection

Coin toss: Can be done in Steam chat by typing "/flip", choose heads or tails before doing so. This must be done in the Steam Group. The vetoes of maps is done before the coin toss.

Starting with the lower seed, players will take turns vetoing maps from the given map pool. The first two games will be played on the last remaining map and the third game will be played on the last vetoed map. Higher seed locks in their faction & commander load out first for game 1, and in game 2 the players must switch sides, to avoid being able to pick Allies or Axis twice. Faction selection or locking in second for game 3 will be decided by the player that has the greatest number of Victory Points between game 1 versus game 2.

Map Pool

  • Faymonville Approach
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Crossroads
  • Caen

Sign Ups

Tournament date: PST 8:30am. 24th March, 2019, which is equivalent to GMT 16:30.

To sign up follow this link: SIGN UPs.

The 8 highest rank players will be selected from the registrations. From the rest, 4 reserve players will be randomly selected.

  • Seeding will be based off the sum of the players' best Allied & Axis faction in the 1v1 Automatch ladder at the conclusion of the signup period
  • All players are required to join, and check in, on the Sloth Society's Discord
    You must also join the steam group to do coinflips in the group chat during the tournament. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/momo4sho123twitch
  • You have to check in 15 minutes before the tournament starts or your spot will be given to the first reserve player

Other Rules

  • Show respect to your opponents and to the referees. Bad behaviour may be punished.
  • Please restart COH2 before any tournament game and close external programmes before playing to avoid crashes.
  • All players must play only on their primary COH2 Steam account. Players must also register for the tournament under that account.
  • Players must have at least 300 total hours in COH2 on their Steam account.
  • Ghosting, like sandbags/wire to gain advantage is disallowed. So no exploiting retreat paths and vehichle pathing.
  • Winner from each series must upload all matches from their series into this Discord channel. INCLUDING LOSSES, to coh2.org, suggested naming: "MCC winner vs loser game#"
  • Screen sharing can and will be enforced by referees similar to the AC 2v2 tournament
  • Sharing your account with other players, especially in an attempt to circumvent bans placed on other players, will result in a DQ and permanent ban from all future events. You will be promptly reported to Relic and recommended for a perma ban in all future COH2 tournaments.


If there is a bugsplat within 7 minutes, the game will be replayed. Unless, something along these lines occur: player 1 "bugsplats" after 5 min, having lost his whole army except one pioneer. In such a case or similar, the referees will make a decision.

Should there be a bugsplat after 7 minutes, then one of following things happen: If both teams agree, the game will be replayed. If not and if there is a clear winner according to the referees, that team will be given the win. In case there isn't a clear winner, the referees again make a decision. However. The player that bugsplatted has to screenshot the crash with Windows time/date showing! If this doesn't happen within 5 minutes, the referees are allowed to give the win to the opposing team.


  • $100 USD to the winner
  • Will consider a 2nd place prize depending on contributions or overall increase in prizepool
  • Winner will also receive a guaranteed entry into any following tournaments of the same series

Donations can be given through this page.


Games will be casted live by momo4sho on his Twitch Channel. If you want to know when he is broadcasting, then please follow momo4sho on Twitch and keep an eye on the ticker on COH2.ORG!


If there is anything unclear, please join this Steam Group and ask!
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