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tightrope Pacific Invitational 5

The longest running tournament series for Company of Heroes 2 returns!

One day, 8 man, single elimination tournament. Each match will be a best of three.


Please note this tournament is aimed at players from America/Asia/Australia and is timed accordingly. Pay attention to the time & date, World Time Buddy is recommended for time zone conversions not listed below.

Tournament Date: NZDT; 11:00, 20th January, 2019

That would be:

PST; 14:00, 19th January
EST; 17:00, 19th January
AEDT; 08:00, 20th January


Starting with the lower seed, players will take turns vetoing maps from the given map pool. The first two games will be played on the last remaining map and the third game will be played on the last vetoed map. Higher seed locks in their faction & commander load out first for game 1, lower seed locks in their F&CLO first for game 2. Faction selection or locking in second for game three will be decided by the player that had the greatest number of Victory Points remaining in their won game.

Map Pool

  • Vilshanka
  • Faymonville Approach
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Crossroads
  • Caen

Faction Positions

Allies in Position 1


Seeding will be based off the sum of the players best Allied faction & Axis faction 1v1 automatch ranks at the conclusion of the signup period.

Player Selection

The winner from tPI4, VonIvan has direct entry and seeding as #1.

Registrations will be taken at this thread on COH2.org. The 7 highest rank players will be selected from the registrations. 4 reserve players will be randomly selected from the remaining pool of registrations. Reserves have been required in 3/4 tPI events so far so do not despair if you don't get selected. It is worth entering even if you think your ranks are low.

All players are required to join and check in on the tightrope discord

If you have not checked in 15 minutes before the tournament starts, your place will be taken by the first reserve player to check in.

Other Rules

  • No smurfs allowed.
  • Ghosting is not allowed.
  • Winner from each series must upload all matches from their series INCLUDING LOSSES to coh2.org, suggested naming "tpi5 winner vs loser game#"
  • Observer Delay 5 minutes, password bypass off


A screenshot of the bugsplat screen is required with the date/time showing.

If there is a bugsplat within 7 minutes the game will be replayed, unless there was an event leading to a suspect plug pull, in which case a referee will adjudicate.

In other cases, referees will adjudicate which player gets the win or whether there will be a rematch.


At least $50 USD to the winner.

You can contribute to improve the prize pool on Matcherino. Prize split is 2/3rds to 1st place, 1/3rd to second place.

Winner gets guaranteed entry into the next tightrope Pacific Invitational event.


Casted by tightrope live at www.twitch.tv/tightropexilo.


On Challonge.
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