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GCS2 Qualification Tournaments

GCS2’s four Qualification Tournaments are upon us, with four weekends of blistering competitive action over the next eight weeks.

It all starts this Saturday when 32 of this game's finest competitors will thrust themselves into single-elimination action for the chance to qualify for GCS2's Live Tournament in September. Let the carnage begin!

Day 1 – Saturday 16th June

Round of 32, Round of 16, Quarter Finals

In the main bracket on Saturday 28 matches will be fought, taking us from 32 warriors to 4 semi-finalists advancing to Day 2.

There will be plenty of simultaneous action and streams with Imperial Dane, FaHu, Stormless and A_E answering the casting call! Check this Stream Listing and invest in cold beverages.

Whilst this is all going on there will also be a wild card bracket for players who lost out in the 32 player cutoff, this will decide automatic entry in the next qualification tournament!

Phew, that’s a lot of action, one might think we’re going to war!?

Day 2 – Sunday 17th June

Semi-Finals, 3rd Place Play off, Final

A_E and Stormless will bring you all the action as we see adrenaline levels rise as top players collide. Catch us live on Twitch or on YouTube afterward.

The whole weekend will culminate in a symphony of destruction and a climatic final battle! With only one person left standing as our first qualifier.

(Games start at 9h EST/ 14 BST/ 15 CEST on both days.)

What Are They Fighting For?

GCS2's bounty looks set to include: a 1st place cash prize of $2,000 (down to $200 for 8th place); an Nvidia GTX 1080 worth $600; a large engraved pewter trophy; and paid plane travel and accommodation.

Thank you to all the benefactors that have made this prize-pool possible and continue to invest in this huge community project!

But not only the obvious material reward, far more impressive is the scope of the achievement itself. Winning a competition of this magnitude in a game that requires so much skill and dedication is something to be proud of.

But if that's not enough you also have....


SturmTigerGadafi will be running a $50 bounty for the best non meta strategy in each of the Qualifying Tournaments. Known as the CocoJambo awards fans might remember it from such tournies as OCF and ESL.

It must be in round 2 or above of the main bracket, and for the live tournament finals he will increase the prize to $100. It'll be a reward for who he believes has the biggest cahones based on strategy, commander choice, and opponent.

Who Will Qualify?

This first qualifying tournament Barbarossa offers the first chance to qualify, with the winner getting an automatic place and promotion from the qualifying process. Players that fare well but are ultimately unsuccessful will gain GCS2 Points™.

Overall our eight GCS2 qualifiers will be composed of:

  • 1-4 | Four qualifying tournament winners.
  • 5-7 | 1st, 2nd, 3rd on GCS2 points.
  • 8 | A vote by benefactors on the 8th qualifier based on 4th, 5th, and 6th on points.

For the full list of players please see this page, but at a glance here are the top ten seeds:

DEDE 1. Luvnest - The Grand Champion is back to defend his title and is peaking at exactly the right time.

PTPT 2. DevM - They do not call him the Portuguese Prodigy for no reason, DevM is in his best form ever, with an incredible ladder record leading into GCS2.

amisamis 3. VonIvan - The most improved elite level player on the scene, he still brings the chaos with his amazing armour rushes, but is now a seasoned strategic mind.

RURU 4. Noggano - A phenomenally talented player, capable of playing any faction, any strategy, and at times is simply unbeatable.

NLNL 5. Vonasten - A highly respected talent, he has trained harder than ever before and now has a real chance to translate all the hard work into tournament success.

DKDK 6. Aimstrong - In November 2012 Seb a user of COH2.ORG said "Years later, Aimstrong still shows us how it's done." Now six years after that, Aimstrong is returning to his old ways.

ESES 7. Jesulin - The Spanish Destroyer has returned to form, after a casual foray last year - the most dominant player CoH2 has ever seen has now trained properly, a scary prospect.

britsbrits 8. HelpingHans - At his best when he's the plucky underdog with a point to prove. In GCS2 he aims to prove all the doubters wrong.

FIFI 9. Talisman - A 'talisman' for the wave of players that made a name for themselves in the ESL era. This Overwatch pro is tired of 2nd place.

britsbrits 10. Siddolio - Meme-master-General from Twitch chat with a cool exterior, it's all a mask for the fierce competitor that lies within.

And now introducing a new entrant....

RURU 19. Jove - The former number one player in the world, and multiple ESL cup champion. A machine awakens, it's time to shake off the rust! See terms

Poll Time!

Give us your thoughts on who will win and who you want to win in this poll, in true SNF-style hearts and minds voting for you .org originals!

Further Information

For all info on the tournament details including: schedule, standings, brackets, detailed player info... please take a look at GCS2.ORG the hub coded by the wonderful and talented Janne252 and populated by myself to include all vital tournament information.

Also here's a sneak preview of what the GCS2 Tournament Engine will look like:

See you this Saturday comrades.
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