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Star Crossed Cup 5

Company of Heroes 2's December Balance Update is now here and that means it's time for only one thing... the return of Star Crossed Cup!

Tournament Details

  • Single Elimination
  • 1v1
  • 64 Slots (Higher seeds get priority in the event of too many check-ins)
  • Best of 3, Semifinals & Finals will be Best of 5

Signups and Prize pool

The prize pool will be crowdfunded through Matcherino. Signups will also be done through it. Links can be found at the end of the article, next to the credits.


Check-ins: Saturday, Jan 13, 13:00 UTC (8AM EST, 2PM CET)

Rounds 1, 2 & 3: Saturday, Jan 13, 14:00 UTC (9AM EST, 3PM CET)

Round 4 & Semifinals: Sunday, Jan 14, 14:00 UTC (9AM EST, 3PM CET)

Finals: Monday, Jan 15, time TBA according to finalists' availability


Players must check in prior to the start of the tournament by leaving a message in the Steam group chat room. Check-ins last for 45 minutes. Afterwards, the brackets are generated.


The winner of a match must alert the referees in the Steam group chat, in order to to advance in the brackets.

In the event of a disconnect/dispute, please submit replays to COH2.ORG for an evaluation by a referee. They will either declare a winner, or facilitate a rematch.


I will try to cast as many series as I can (live or otherwise) but, obviously, I will only be able to cast so many! I encourage other casters to pick up the tourney games if they want. I'll be streaming all casts live on Twitch and uploading videos afterward on YouTube.


Faction Selection

Player A is the top seed and player B is the bottom seed. A plays as Axis in game 1 and Allies in game 2.

Game 1: B declares SOV/USF/UKF, then A declares OST/OKW.

Game 2: B declares OST/OKW, then A declares SOV/USF/UKF.

Game 3: The VP Winner declares Allies or Axis and then his faction, then the VP Loser chooses from the remaining side and declares their pick.


Round 1: Lost Glider

Round 2: Minsk Pocket

Round 3: Crossroads

Round 4: Faymonville Approach

Semifinals & Finals by vetos:
  • Angoville
  • Crossroads
  • Faymonville Approach
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Arnhem Checkpoint
  • Lost Glider
  • Minsk Pocket
  • Crossing in the Woods

Starting Positions

On 2 player maps, Allies always start in position 1.

On 4 player maps, Allies may choose between positions 1 and 2, Axis may choose between 3 and 4.

No Shows & Breaks

If you need a break between games, notify your opponent. Your breaks must not exceed 15 minutes, including any delay in contacting your opponent. Taking excessive breaks or otherwise delaying the tournament may result in disqualification. When it is time to play, contact with your opponent immediately and begin your games. If your opponent does not show up for 15 minutes, they will forfeit the round. Contact a referee and you will be advanced.

Vetos for Semifinals & Finals

The players take turns vetoing maps until 3 maps remain, starting with Player B, the bottom seed. Player A picks the map for Game 1 & Game 2 from the 3 maps. Player B will pick the map for Game 3 & Game 4. The last remaining map is for Game 5 if necessary.
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  • U.S. Forces flag Grand Master Kimbo
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  • Oberkommando West flag ????
  • Oberkommando West flag apdo
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