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Halloween Event: Trick or Retreat

Are you easily scared? Are you running away when you see a little spider drop down from the roof? Then this is no event for you.... Get ready for the COH2.ORG Halloween Event of this year: Trick or Retreat!

Trick or Retreat is a special format invented by Wuff and has been chosen by you to be this years Halloween Event! Let me explain how it works:

On Saturday the 28th of October the event will take place at 18:00 GMT. It will get casted by the Spooky Sturmpanther. Make sure to tune in at 18:00 GMT!

The format works like this:
The tournament exists out of Team A and Team B.
- 4v4: First the two teams will play a 4v4 against each other. This means whole team A will be competing against the entire team B.
- 2v2: Team A and Team B will now pick 2 players who will compete in a 2v2 between both teams!
- 3v3: Team A and Team B will now pick 3 players who will compete in a 3v3 between both teams!
- 1v1: Team A and Team B will now pick 1 player who will compete in a 1v1 against each other.
- You choose!: If there has to be a 5th game, because there is no winner yet a poll will appear in the chat. The Twitch Chat will pick which game mode has to be played again. The chosen mode will be played again with either the same or other players!

It's basically a Best of 5 between two top teams, but it constist out of different game modes! The winner of this mini tournament can call themselves the most scary players of this year!

Now you might think: "Cool format, but who are the players?". We will tell you one team and keep the other team a secret untill saturday 18:00 GMT!
Team A will consist out of:
- The Zombi: Noggano
- The Mummy: Scotch
- The Vampire: Isildur
- The Spook: Crossfire

A quick overview of the rules that were drawn up:

4v4: Coin toss. If for example team wins they can choose if they want to play allies or axis first. If team a picks axis, they will play allies in the 3v3.
2v2: Players will do a coin toss again. Let's say team a wins again and pick axis again. This is possible. Than team a plays allies in the 1v1.

Banned Docs: Breakthrough (okw), Lend Lease (sov), Counter Attack Tactics (sov), Advanced Emplacements (brits), Royal Artillery Regiment (brits).
I won't ban anymore commanders, because i want to leave the players free in their choice. Let's not make this event more complicated ;)

Fixed maps and fixed positions:

1v1: Crossroads
2v2: Elst outskirts
3v3: Oka River (Winter)
4v4: Lienne Forest

A quick thank you to everybody who helped making this event and to the players for quickly reacting. And ofcourse to you, for voting on which event we should organise!

Try to stay alive until 18:00 GMT... See you soon at Sturmpanther's Twitch Channel!
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