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Currahee's 2v2 Tourney

With the new patch finally implemented into the game we are ready for some epic 2v2 games! Welcome to the Strategia 2v2 Tournament hosted by Currahee!


This tournament is organized by Currahee with the support of the staff of COH2.ORG. The tournament will be played on the 8th of April and will continue on the 9th of April. Relic's battlefy page will be used for signing up and checking in and a steamgroup and a teamspeak server will be used for communication. For more information, have a look down below!

  • This is the official Strategia 2v2 Tournament website: Battlefly information

  • Everyone who wants to enter the Strategia 2v2 Tournament should join the Steam Group

  • Each team will be invited to a dedicated TeamSpeak3 channel on GamerXL where they can play only when the tournament is underway. Each channel will have full privacy.

    First, the players will do a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss chooses to either do the first veto or pick the faction first. Obviously, if the winner of the coin toss chooses to pick the faction, the loser gets the first veto and vice versa. Before picking the factions, the players will veto maps from the map pool.

    Map Vetoes and Faction Selection

    Map vetoing will be done first. So if the winner of the coin toss chooses to pick the faction he/she is not obliged to pick the faction until the map is determined.

  • For the first match, the players will alternate making vetoes until there is 1 map left. This map will also be played in game 2.
  • If the winner of the coin toss chooses to have the last veto, the loser must make the first veto.
  • If the winner chooses to have the first pick of faction, the winner must make the first veto.
  • If there is a game 3, the veto process is repeated. In this case, the winner who chooses last veto or faction is the player with the greatest number of victory points from game 1 and 2 combined. (Victory points from a defeated player do NOT count. Only victory points from a victory count).

    Other Details

  • If somebody disconnects within the first 7 minutes, the game will be played again.
  • If a team disconnects after 7 minutes, the remaining team are automatic winners, unless they choose to replay the game as a courtesy.
  • If there is any sign of cheating during the games, contact the referees. They will decide what happens.

The winning player of the match must upload all 2-3 games, and link them into this special thread. You run the risk of being banned from future events if you do not upload all your games! So do not forget!

Please upload the replays with a special name:
S2v2/Round(R1, R2, etch.)/Game Number(G1, G2, or G3)/Your Name - Opponent's Name)

Here is an example of how you should post your replays in the special thread:

Use the Insert Replay function in the reply editor to link your replays: that is the button to the right of the Twitch icon.

  • Your opponent goes through to the next round, if you fail to show up within 30 minutes after the brackets have closed.
  • If you fail to show up for matches within 15 min after your previous round and the previous round of your new opponent, you will be disqualified as well.

We would appreciate it if you do not stream, so that we can attract as many viewers for the official stream as possible. Consider it as a donation to the tournament, if you do not stream.


  • 2v2
  • 500 VP
  • BO3, first 2 rounds BO1
  • fixed starting positions (Allies and 1,2 (2v2) | Axis 3,4 (2v2)
  • All bulletins are allowed
  • Tactical Support regiment and Advanced Emplacement regiment are banned from the tournament
  • Mirror matches are banned!
  • Observer mode: 7 min delay, no password

Map Pool

  • Minsk Pocket
  • Rails and metal
  • Vaux Farmlands
  • Elst Outskirts
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Hamlet
  • Across the Rhine
  • Road to Kharkov


The sign ups close at 24:00 GMT, the 7th of April. The brackets will be uploaded within 15 minutes after the check-ins close. The first rounds and the quarter finals will be played on Saturday the 8th! The semi-finals and finals will be played on Sunday the 9th!
  • Check-ins open 15:30 GMT on Saturday the 8th of April (on battlefy)
  • Check-ins close 15:55 GMT
  • Start tournament on Saturday the 8th of April: 16:00 GMT
  • Start tournament on Sunday the 9th of April: 16:00 GMT

To convert time zones, have a look on this site!

Sign Up

If you want to sign up for the 2v2 tournament, you need to include the following information:
  • Player name 1 (captain)
  • Steam ID 1 (captain)
  • Player name 2
  • Steam ID 2
  • Player name 3 (optional)
  • Steam ID 3 (optional)


You can help to raise the prize pool for this tournament by donating via this link. 100% of the donations will be used for the prize pool of this tournament! The prize pool at the moment is 290 EUROS!

You need a valid Paypal account to receive the money from the prize pool, so if you do not have a Paypal account, make sure to create one before entering this tournament! (I am not responsible for the distribution between individual players in one team!)

The prize pool for both tournaments will be divided as follows:
  • 1st Place: 50%
  • 2nd Place: 30%
  • 3rd Place: 20%


Games will be casted live by Stormless. If you want to know when Stormless is broadcasting those games, then please follow him on twitch and keep an eye on the ticker of COH2.ORG!


If there are any things that are unclear during the tournament, speak with the organizers. They will look at the problem and make a decision. Be aware that their decision is final! If you have any other questions, you can always PM Currahee. Communicating to a referee during the tournament can be done by chatting in the chat of the steam group linked in this thread above. You will be able to ask for a referee on battlefy and teamspeak as well, but we can't guarantee a referee will immediately see your message there. For direct questions please use the chat box of the steam group.
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