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GCS Tournament Announcement


Comrades of COH2.ORG, at the time of writing, our beloved game - the game we always believed to have the potential to be a great competitive spectacle and an unrivaled RTS - this game has no big tournament for us to look forward to in 2017…

As the smoke settles, the embers fade, with Dawn of War III on the horizon, it now falls upon us to RISE UP and turn our supposed death rattle into a war cry. Let us rally once more and kick ash into the face of those that claim this game is done.

Let us stoke the fires of our community and rekindle the flame that is the Company of Heroes 2 competitive scene. Let us go to war once more my friends, for fame and for glory!

I present to you a prestigious 32 player single-elimination tournament, crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Where over a series of nine weeks, every single game is cast live for your viewing pleasure. The very best players the game has to offer will collide to decide a Grand Champion of Company of Heroes 2.

I present to you:

A_E and Stormless will bring to you over eighty hours of competitive CoH2 entertainment, For the full details on the funding please head to our Kickstarter today, every single penny spent will be used to create the best tournament possible on the budget given. Not only both in terms of a cash prizepool and presenting a well-produced live show. We will also organise an engraved physical trophy to be produced and presented to the winner.

GCS has been in the making for months and I have carefully consulted key thinkers and processed feedback, to build up a rule-set that will guarantee a high standard of competition and a fantastic viewing experience. For more on the rules and brackets follow this link.

The entries will be based on each player’s automatch position taking the average of their best Allies and best Axis rank, and players will have two months to prepare. The matches will be once a week and will therefore focus on a longer best-of-five format leading to an epic best-of-seven final – this will leave no doubt in the fans' minds who the true champion is.

Your money does not just pay for this tournament and 80+ hours of live entertainment it also gives you several exciting milestone rewards along the way:

✪ £400 – Non Meta Commander Cup special. Four players compete in a mini tournament based on less often used commanders.

✠ £600 – Battle of the cast teams: Generals Gentlemen vs. A_E and Stormless in a 2v2 series

✪ £800 - A_E and Stormless and cast games under the rules of RNG the drinking game.

✠ £1000 – Stream-rage Armageddon the music video is released.

✪ £1200 – DevM vs. Noggano 1v1 showdown (the final that never was)

✠ £1400 – VICTORY! Project is given green light. Trophy is produced and engraved.

£1,400+ Increased cash prizepool: All extra funds from £1,400 to £2,000 will go into making the cash prizepool larger until we hit £1,000 for the 1st place.

£2,000+ Players invited: we will offer the players the chance to play live in the studio, by subsidising (or possibly paying for) player travel as much as possible, and expanding our setup to accommodate them.

£3,500+ Benefactors invited: we extend the invite to significant benefactors of the tournament and well known community supporters to all come and enjoy the finals at the studio together in front of a large screen TV.

£5,000+ All donators invited: we will hire out a small venue with a projector set up, and invite the community to come and watch the finals in style, with beer involved.

  • Siphon X will provide his fantastic statistical analysis of the games, meta, and players.

  • Every single replay to be uploaded to COH2.ORG as an enforced rule - providing opportunities for great casters such as Tightrope, Generals Gentlemen, and Imperial Dane the chance to retell the tale of battle for their viewers on YouTube.

  • Future hype articles and interviews with the players.

  • Entries will open on Saturday 15th April in a thread on COH2.ORG.

You’re all invited today to help make this happen, to create over eighty hours of entertainment, and a fantastic tournament for us all to look forward to.

See you on the battlefield comrades.


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