russian armor

The Army Wants YOU!

Attention! The lines are buckling. Held by but a few soldiers, fighting the hordes of the enemy. Darkness close in, collapse looms, and death is not far behind. Reinforcements are needed. NOW!

Potential recruits! It is your time to rise. To bring light to the darkness, to add supports, and to vanquish death; to give it to the enemy instead. Rise! Bring your hammers! Bend the lines back into shape. Then, prepare to attack.

Application Form

Here is your first taste. Of the structure that is to be found within the Army Quarters, also know as the Staff Forums. It is here to guide the construction of your application, wherever it may be headed.

Introduction, free form, anything, however many paragraphs.

Why, do you wish to be on Staff?

Answers. Mandatory.

Sample Work:

Sample link or a copy paste. If the latter, put the content into spoiler tags and add a title above the tags. Mandatory.

Past Work:

Links to past work. Not mandatory, but appreciated if provided. It makes the process easier for us.

Canvas Company: Artists

This is for the more... creative recruits. You know the type. Cannot leave a bucket of paint alone. Paints new camouflage over the previous one if the vehicle managed to dirty itself. Ideally, during combat. With 100mm shells landing at their feet.

Granted, they always tend to toss those shells back at the enemy. Pissed off that anyone dared to disturb their work. Always seems to surprise the enemy too, despite being the fifth time that day.

In other words: hard working folks who loves art and can get the job done. Who, wants to help the CoH2 Community. Does that sound like you, recruit? If so, give Captain TM.Dutchy your application via a private message.

Previous Staff Artists are of course welcome to reapply!

What the Company Does

Its main purpose is to produce Highlights. Secondary are Social Media art and images to be used within content. The Artist Desk is the home of the Company, where all operations take place. It is here that requests are made.

First come, first served is the principle. Request are made, whichever artist is first to say they will do it, will be responsible to produce whatever the request is. If two artist are equally quick on the draw then they will have to talk it out. Or go for a duel.

Lastly, you are not limited to requests. If your eye spots a piece of content that you think may need art, then pop in, say hello, and ask if you may indulge yourself in the process of creation.

If you wonder what sort of art work we do here, then feel free to browse our News and Guides sections. They will also let you know what is expected.

Formats: Highlights; 850x250, Social Media; 600x600, other art pieces varies.

Applications Go To: TM.Dutchy

Keyboards & Monitors Division: Writers

Yes, we do fling keyboards and old CRT monitors at each other. Pause and stare. Any other stupid questions?

Writers are light hearted folk with humour. Proudly carrying around their latest keyboards while wearing the latest CRT monitors as helmets. Although, newer folk prefer the flat monitors, for their lighter weight. Unfortunately, it also leaves them wide open to a surprise, keyboard attack.

If this sounds like your type of a crazy, then please send your application to Major-General Yukiko. Also, please, bring your latest keyboard and monitor hat for inspection. Together with a solid dose of humour and wit.

The Divisional Job

From time to time, there are requests for writing. They will be marked with a tag. And, possibly, an outline of what needs doing or simply a title. But most of the time: you are on your own.

There is only two tasks in the Division: writing and editorial work. It is up to you to figure out what to write and what to do. The home for writers is the Editing Room, although, one has to meander the other staff forums, to look for content in need. To make work easier, it may be best to team up with other writers.

The Division has mantra, it follows shortly. Good luck! There will be no further commentary in this section.

The Mantra

Applications Go To: Yukiko

Navigation Squad: Mapmakers

Now, we move to the quiet parts of the Army Quarters. To the Foremen's Office. It has two sections, one for Modders and the other for Mapmakers. The latter is where we are.

And... it is empty. With dust collecting on the furniture. We really need mapmakers to sign up and bring life to this place. Oh, there he is.

Over there sits Staff Sergeant MonolithicBacon, at his desk, filled with field maps and designs. A few history books too. May be Wave 7 of the British Fronts he is working on. He is the guy to send mapmaker applications to.

Reconnaissance and Map Creation

One's first task is to make maps; second is guides. Not much else to do as a mapmaker. But one may chime in on the other sections, or make requests.

Feedback may be requested in the Strat Desk, art in the Art Desk and map articles in the Editing Room. Also, you may ask the Referees to host tournaments for your maps in the Tourney Planning department. Assuming your application is a success.

Applications Go To: MonolithicBacon

Engineer Unit: Modders

They create mods, dah, like Cheat Commands, Imperial Japanese Army, The Forgotten Commanders, and many more! Or less, they do not need to be that fancy of a mod. Their home is in the Formen's Office too.

They too, are few, only two. Rather sad. This is the time to make a change, if one so wishes!

Plans, Spanners and Bombs

A mod has few limits, and the same is true for a modder of our staff. Like the mapmakers, you are a free beast. And like them, you also have access to the Art Desk, Strat Desk, Tourney Planning, and Editing Room. So there may be plenty of help to get. Depends on who you run into though!

Applications Go To: eliw00d

Thanks for Stopping By!

That was long one, was it not, potential recruits? We hope some of you will apply and succeed to join our staff. So that you may improve our site's content, but also, and more importantly: our community!

Oh, and do not forget to use the application form! Good luck!
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