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Sunday Night Fights S04E02 Nov.25th at 8PM GMT

23 Nov 2012, 03:57 AM
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** edit ** Changed the Second Quali Tourney sign-ups back to 8pm GMT on Sunday.

I forgot that we had already published the sign-up time in the other newspost. So we'll start the show and open the sign-ups at the same time... no big deal! Hey GeneralHell, you know how to juggle, right?

Since we don't have polls or betting yet, you'll just have to post your prediction in this thread!
23 Nov 2012, 07:09 AM
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Aimstrong still incredibly handsome
23 Nov 2012, 14:29 PM
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My preparation for sunday :P

23 Nov 2012, 17:01 PM
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Oh no Art of War is OP ^^

Anyways I think Symbi would take this easily. Recently he's just proven unstoppable in 1v1 and 2v2, someone beat him already to show hes human plz kthxbye
23 Nov 2012, 17:54 PM
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More predictions pls?

Symbiosis won the coin toss and will play Allies first on Argentan Crossroads in G1.
24 Nov 2012, 13:43 PM
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I think symbiosis is gonna win 3-1 he has been playing tremendously well.
24 Nov 2012, 18:06 PM
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Symbi if you follow principles from that book, you will win 100% ;)
24 Nov 2012, 18:13 PM
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I've read it (partially), and translating some of the principles into actual CoH game situations isn't necessarly easy or possible at all in some cases.
24 Nov 2012, 19:42 PM
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This book can be a guide even today, and its still used in military academies around the world. Joking about the game, I'm not sure, it's only a game. But this book is written 500 B.C. and contains principles that are valid even today. I love it :) If doesn't help him in game, than will help him in real life for sure. It will help everyone.
25 Nov 2012, 11:17 AM
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3-2 for Aimstrong, after a 40 minute intense battle in the fifth game. On the edge of being defeated by VPs he will win by anihilation!

25 Nov 2012, 13:54 PM
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Looking forward to this. 6hrs till showtime!
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