russian armor

The British Forces free trial begins


The British are landing!

Brace yourselves!

As you all may, or may not know, D-Day is 03 September 2015, the day when once again, the British forces will join the fight for the freedom of Europe. To achieve this, today is the day when a group of Volunteers will start a three day exercise, to hone their 'Britz' skills in the COH2 battle school. Codename: The Trial!

How to get a key for the Trial

Keys have been given away by many of the Streamers and Youtube-Casters of COH2.ORG and the COH2-Community. If you still don't have a key, either contact them or our Director of Social Media, Von Kluge: there are plenty of Keys left.

How to participate in the free Trial of the UKF

If you pre-ordered the DLC, you will find the game named "Company of Heroes 2 - Limited Free Trial" in your Steam-Library.

If you have one of the trial-keys, simply go to "Games" in the toolbar, and then select "Activate a product on Steam". After you have typed in your key and confirmed the process, you should be able to see the game in your Library. You can activate your key and start the download, from today at 10:00hrs PDT / 18:00hrs BST / 19:00hrs CEST.

Beware! The download is believed to be approximately 19.2 GB, so the download may take some time, if your speeds are slow. (the reason the size of the file is so big, is because it contains the other four armies).

How long does the free Trial last

The free trial of the British forces DLC will last from today, August 31, up until 14:00hrs PDT / 22:00hrs BST / 23:00hrs CEST on September 2. At that time, the stats will be wiped. In other words, you cannot carry over any Warspoils to the full game. Your leaderboard stats will be unaffected by the trial.

What is contained in the Trial?

All content in The British Forces faction! Eight new multiplayer maps, fifteen new units, and six Commanders (three of them to be unlocked through the War Spoils progression system). The units: Gliders, a British sniper, the Vickers MG, the Wasp, the Centaur, the Comet, the Tulip Firefly, Churchills various, killing for the use of, and a good few others...including the double-mortar pit! Not to mention some excellent voice acting!

If I like the trial?

If you pre-order on Steam, and already own other parts of the franchise, you can obtain a 20% discount on the price , if you want to buy the new faction - what's not to like?

Good luck - and Good Hunting on the mainland of Europe!
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