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TAW 2v2 Tournament

A 2v2 tournament hosted by The Art of Warfare!

The tournament will be a single elimination format between 16 teams from North America and 16 teams from Europe. If we get a lot of interest we will raise it to 32 teams from each region.

We’ll be using standard tournament rules as detailed below:

Sign Ups

Sign-ups will be conducted via this sign up form.
Team members must also join the tournament Steam group.


Sign-ups start today through Saturday April 25th.
Starting matchups will be announced on Sunday, April 26th.
  • Practice: Sunday 04/26 - Saturday 05/02
  • Round 1: Sunday 05/03 - Saturday 05/09
  • Round 2: Sunday 05/10 - Saturday 05/16
  • Round 3: Sunday 05/17 - Saturday 05/23
  • Round 4: Sunday 05/24 - Saturday 05/30
  • Finals: Sunday 05/31 - Saturday 06/06

Match Details

The games will be played based on the best of 3 games rules (First team to win 2 games wins the matchup). Each team plays one game as allies and second as axis. In case of a tie, the 3rd game will be played.
1-1 tie: The losing team will have 0 VPs left. If a team is annihilated or has surrendered from the game, their VPs are considered to be "drained to 0". The VP leader can be found by comparing who had more VPs left in the game that his team won.
Teams who held the lead on VPs in the first 2 games chooses the faction in the 3rd game. It is required for the winning team to write down the score and save the replays. Replays are required to move ahead in the bracket. (If you don't know how to send a replay contact us.)

Match Parameters

  • 500 Victory Points
  • Random Positions
  • Standard Resources
  • All factions and commanders are allowed


5 standard maps are selected from the automatch pool for the tournament. They are:

  • Rails and Metal
  • Moscow Outskirts
  • Semoisky
  • Vaux Farmland
  • Road to Kharkov

First 2 games are played on one map while the potential 3rd game on another.
The map that the game will be played on is chosen by the VETO system: each team chooses one map that they don't want to play on, until only one map is left. For the 3rd game, the losing team will veto 3 maps, leaving only 2 maps. The team that held the lead on VPs chooses from these 2 maps.
In case of 3rd game, teams will select their factions before the map. (Some maps are easier for some factions, and a team who had the lead on VP points could potentially arrange themselves a game with very big advantages. This is done to reduce the impact).

Match Ups

We'll be using Challonge to randomly generate the bracket.


  • No verbal abuse, this includes, sexism, racism, comments about sexual orientation or threats of violent or sexual attack, excessive chat spam, personal attacks; above all use common sense.
  • No stream cheating (viewing opponents stream during a match), this will result in a DQ.
  • No usage of 3rd party programs (zoom mod, map hack, etc.) that gives you an unfair advantage against your opponent. Guilty parties will be DQ'd and banned from attending further events. Voice chat programs such as ventrilo and teamspeak are allowed. You are free to use the TAW TS server if desired (let us know beforehand and we'll get you set up).
  • Collusion will not be tolerated, any guilty parties will be DQ'd and barred from this event and attending further events.
  • No-shows without letting TAW know will result in a ban on future tournaments.

Replays & Score Submittal

Players must save the replays of each game and submit them after the match. You may upload them to COH2.ORG using the "My Files" feature and then send the link to CoH2TAW@gmail.com. You can find the 'My Files' section by placing your cursor over your name in the top right of this website. When sending the links of the files, please include the final score for the match. You may upload it to the replay section if you really want to but I request that you refrain from doing so to avoid spoilers.


1st Place: Relic T-shirt, Relic stickers, 3 WFA commanders of choice and two 50$ Steam Cards

2nd Place: 2 WFA commanders of choice and two 20$ Steam Cards

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World Champ '19 - Semi-finals

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Replay highlight

  • Soviets flag Lucky - Cable Sup-port
  • Soviets flag T.R. Olvadi
  • Ostheer flag ZodiAK!
  • Oberkommando West flag CrossFire
uploaded by Olvadi

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