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COH2.ORG April Fools' Day After Action Report

COH2.ORG was happy to brighten your April Fools' Day with another round of hi-jinx. In 2013, we gave you a full list of leaked Intel Bulletins. In 2014, we flooded you with COMIC SANS and brought you the first batch of kooky avatars. For 2015, we knew we had quite a lot to live up to.

High-res versions of Strummingbird's new Avatars

Once again, you were relieved of control over your own avatar. Here is the complete collection of new digs for April Fools' Day 2015.

I need your clothes, your boots, and your Kübelwagen.

Does the pope wear a funny hat? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Moderating the balance forums on coh2.org.

AmiPolizeiFunk if he was blond and drawn by Tom of Finland.

Hey kid, do you like ice cream? I have one for you right here in the back of this van.

Let them eat cake.

I wanted a PTRS, but my husband says such a weapon is not fit for a lady.

Bleep bloop etc.

The true warrior must be loyal, courageous, veracious, compassionate, and honorable.

You don't know what the $^%# I've been through.

Some Stats on teh Phony Winner/Phishing Scheme

You are our 100,000th visitor! You have just won a free commander! Just mail your bank details to this Nairobian Prince to collect your fortune. Or click here.

  • 702 Ad clicks
  • 1174 Commander Claims (Rickroll'd)
  • A vast amount of the commander claims looked like real, actual Steam IDs so in general people either believed it or thought there's nothing to lose.
  • 205 Steam IDs filled by real COH2.ORG users

"Soviet Elite Armor" Commander

The might of the Soviet war-machine lies at your fingertips with the Soviet Elite Armor commander.

Call in the early-war KV-1 heavy tank and KV-8 to smash and burn enemy concentrations and fortifications. The KV-2 heavy bombardment tank waits in the wings to clear strongholds too dangerous to approach closely. Finally, the crown jewels of the Motherland's industry- the IS-2 can tango with even the heaviest of german armor, and the ISU-152 can outrange and outgun anything still standing from afar.

Post Pollution

There was a 1/10 * 1/10 chance of a post to start randomly rotating to left/right 0.0 - 1.0 degrees, animation speed was randomly selected between 4.0 and 6.0 seconds. There was a collection of "Boing" sound effects in all buttons. There was a 50% change of a Twitch emoticon to appear at the end of the post.


All art & avatar credits go to Strummingbird (as usual). Coding tricks courtesy of Janne252.

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