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The Star Crossed Kings Tournament

With a patch right around the corner, what better way to brush up on COH2 than some light competition? Star Crossed Kings is a daily King of the Hill tournament that I'll be running starting... right now!


Two rounds every day at 18:00 UTC (2PM EDT, 7PM CET)


To challenge the current king, join the star crossed cup steam group and go to Romeo's stream at the scheduled time. Challengers will be selected randomly from stream chat using a moobot raffle. The steam group is to make it easier for the challenger and king to find each other on steam for their games. The only rules about who can sign up are:

  • If you win the raffle, you may give your slot to another player that entered the raffle instead.
  • No player may challenge the same king twice in a row
  • No player may challenge a king that just dethroned him

Tournament Details

  • King of the Hill
  • 1v1
  • Best of 3

Faction Selection

The King plays as axis first. From there, the picking process is as follows:

  • Game 1: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 2: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 3 (if necessary):

    • VP Leader from first two games declares whether he will play Axis or Allies.
    • VP Loser from first two games declares which Army he will play from his side.
    • VP Leader declares which Army he will play from his side.
    • The VP Leader has earned the right to counter-pick his opponent.


Every round will take place on one map. The maps will be cycled through in the following order:

  • Angoville
  • Semoskiy Winter
  • Faymonville Approach
  • Bystraya Voda
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Stalingrad
  • Minsk Pocket

Match Rules

- I reserve the right to disqualify any player for exploiting gamebreaking bugs or any other form of unsportsmanlike behavior.
- All commanders and bulletins are allowed.
- These things are also allowed:

  • USF going over pop cap
  • OKW truck pushing
  • Tank trap, sandbag, and wire ghosting


I'll be spectating and casting all games live, but players are encouraged to upload their replays to the COH2.ORG replays section anyway!


I'll be streaming all casts live on Twitch and uploading videos afterward on YouTube.


The longer a king reigns, the greater his prize! The system is simple:
- Round 1: You are now King of the Hill! How long will you reign?
- Round 2: You have earned the right to reserve a seat in the next Star Crossed Cup, if you choose.
- Round 3+: $5 per challenger defeated

Other Rules

The objective is to remain King for as long as possible. Since the King must play two rounds every day, it won't be easy! To help him out, he has these options at the end of every day:

  • Fight: He'll continue defending his throne the next day as normal.
  • Decoy: Two challengers will fight against each other on the next day. The winner will go on to fight the King the next day. No prize money is earned during a decoy match. A King may only use this option ONCE.
  • Champion: The King asks a friend to fight to defend his throne for him the next day. If the champion loses, the king is dethroned. No prize money is earned during a champion match. A King may only use this option ONCE.
  • Retire: Take the money and run!

These options give the King a chance to extend his reign as long as possible. The King with the longest reign when the tournament finally concludes will win the tournament and be named the true Star Crossed King!

This tournament is designed to be mostly for fun in preparation for the next Star Crossed Cup, but I think we will see some great games! How long will YOU last?
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