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Announcing the second Star Crossed Cup!


It's been several months since the first Star Crossed Cup, and the game has changed quite a bit since then. Time for a new tournament! If you want to take your shot at being the SCC champion, sign up now!


Check-in: Saturday Feb 28 20:00 UTC (3PM EST, 9PM CET)
Round 1 & 2: Saturday Feb 28 21:00 UTC (4PM EST, 10PM CET)
Round 3 & Semifinals: Sunday March 1 21:00 UTC (4PM EST, 10PM CET)
Finals: Monday March 2 21:00 UTC (4PM EST, 10PM CET)


Sign up in this thread! Please include the following information in your signup post:
- Steam Name
- Region (NA or EU)


To check into the tournament, all contestants must join the stream group here. An hour prior to the tournament begins, check-ins will begin and remain open for 45 minutes. Join the group's steam chat room and announce your arrival to secure your slot in the tournament! After check-ins are closed, the brackets will be generated and posted and matches will begin.

Tournament Details

- Single Elimination
- 1v1
- 32 Slots
- Best of 3, Finals will be Best of 5

Faction Selection

Rounds will alternate between "Top Player Allies First" and "Top Player Axis First," which will be printed under the round names on the Challonge Bracket. "Top Player" refers to the player on the top of each bracket for that round. The picking process is as follows:
  • Game 1: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 2: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 3 (if necessary):
    • VP Leader from first two games declares whether he will play Axis or Allies.
    • VP Loser from first two games declares which Army he will play from his side.
    • VP Leader declares which Army he will play from his side.
    • The VP Leader has earned the right to counter-pick his opponent.


Round 1: Semoskiy Winter
Round 2: Faymonville Approach
Round 3: Langreskaya (Axis in north position)
Semifinals & Finals: By vetos from this pool:
  • Semoskiy Winter
  • Faymonville Approach
  • Langreskaya Summer (Axis in north position)
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Crossing in the Woods


- All commanders and bulletins are allowed.
- Exploits that clearly give one player a grossly unfair advantage (On Me! sure was fun...) are obviously not allowed. In case there's any confusion, these things are fine:
  • USF going over pop cap
  • OKW truck pushing
  • Tank trap, sandbag, wire ghosting


All replays from the tournament should be uploaded to COH2.ORG's Replays system.


I will try to cast as many series as I can (live or otherwise) but obviously will only be able to cast so many! I will definitely be casting all games from Round 3, the Semifinals and Finals. I'll be streaming all casts live on Twitch and uploading videos afterward on YouTube.


The next Star Crossed Cup champion will receive a prize of $200.

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Thank you everyone for making WCS possible!
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