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SNF COH2 Beta 2v2 Tourney


SNF COH2 Beta 2v2 Tourney

COH2.ORG is happy to host a relatively informal 2v2 Tournament to close out this phase of the Company of Heroes 2 Beta. After a 1v1 showmatch, the 2v2 Tourney Finals will be the main event on the Sunday Night Fights Special Beta Edition, shoutcasted by AmiPolizeiFunk and Yoink on April 28th at 7pm GMT.

This will be COH2's "coming out party", as it will be the first time that the game will be livestreamed, with permission from SEGA, on Twitch.tv. The SNF team hasn't done a 2v2 match in over two seasons, so we all look forward to this opportunity. Showcasing 2v2 will give us the chance to play on fantastic new maps like Oka River and Moscow Outskirts, and we will be able to show fans and new players a greater variety of units and commander abilities. This event will be featured on the Official Company of Heroes Facebook for its 390,000 fans, as well as on the Twitch.tv homepage. We expect it to be a grand time indeed!


  • 2v2 Tournament
  • 32 Teams (64 players)
  • Maps: Moscow Outskirts, Rzhev Frontline, Oka River
  • Mirror Matches allowed (players can work this out amongst themselves)
  • Intel Bulletins allowed


Saturday 27th April

  • R1 (32 teams) 16:00 GMT - Best-of-1 on Oka River
  • R2 (16 teams) 16:45 GMT - Best-of-1 on Rzhev Frontline
  • R3 (8 teams) 17:30 GMT - Best-of-3 on Moscow Outskirts

Sunday 28th April

  • R4 (4 teams) 16:00 GMT - Best-of-3 on Oka River
  • R5 (Final) 17:30 GMT - Best-of-3 on Moscow Outskirts

* Please remember, Daylight Savings is in effect!
4pm GMT = 6pm CEST in Berlin, 5pm BST in London, and 9am PDT in Vancouver


Bragging rights, until further notice.


The sign-ups for this tournament open on Thursday 18th April at 19:00 GMT. Both players will have to sign up in the Sign-up Thread in Events Central, which will become visible at that time. The first 32 complete teams will have a secured spot. The rest will be put on a waitinglist.

Checking-in on Tournament Day:

All players will meet up in the COH2.ORG Steam group chat channel. Contact one of the referees in the chat to check-in. Both players need to do this. Otherwise your team is not checked-in. The teams on the waitinglist will also have to follow this process. If one of the teams with a 'secured spot' fails to check-in, we will replace them with a checked-in team from the waitinglist. The check-in period will start at 15:00 GMT and will last until 15:50 GMT. After that we will make the brackets and the round will start right at 16:00 GMT.

If your browser will launch the steam app, a quick-and-dirty way to join the COH2.ORG chat on steam is to copy this URL into your browser:


Alternatively, you can go to:

Log in with your Steam account, and click on the blue 'Enter chat room' button.

Result Submission:

To submit your results, one of the players will have to make a 'round thread' in the Events Central forums. Name the thread like this: R1: YourTeamName vs. OpponentsTeamName. Report the score and put in the links to the replays. The replays need to be be uploaded to the COH2.ORG REPLAYS section.


Show us what you're made of!
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