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SuperCup - By Rewind Events

Friends, Gamers, and fellow COHtrey-men! Lend me your ears (and armies)!

Summer Cup is over, Gamescom has passed and provided us with great news regarding the future of E-sports, and observer mode is coming. This calls for a tournament!

This time, the tournament is meant for well-trained, intermediate players who are not yet in the top, but have the skills to get there. Top players are therefore not allowed in this tournament.

As before, we will have an American and European bracket.

Match Parameters

  • Best of Three
  • Standard 500 Victory Points
  • Fixed Faction Positions
  • Standard Starting Resources
  • Mirror Matches Disallowed
  • Coin-toss decides who chooses faction first.
  • Premium Commanders allowed

Match Details

  • Players will play one match as the Axis (OKW & Wehrmacht), and one match as the as the Allies (US Forces & Soviet).
  • Both players will have 3 map vetoes each match.
  • Coin toss will decide who can choose faction & map first.

How Can I Sign Up?

Sign-ups will be conducted via this thread in the forums. In order to sign up, we'll need the following information in form of a reply to the thread:
  • Steamname:
  • SteamID:
  • Preferred starting faction: Allies/axis:
  • Preferred map:
  • Timezone: EU/AM

Remember: This tournament is meant for skilled players who have experience but just can't handle the top-notch players like Jesulin, Barton, Hans, OMGPOP, and other tournament heavy-weights.

Players who are not allowed to sign-up:


Starting faction, maps and opponent will be announced on Monday, 25th of August. Check back for details.
  • Round 1: Wednesday 27/08 - Friday 29/08
  • Round 2: Saturday 30/08 - Monday 01/09
  • Round 3: Tuesday 02/09 - Wednesday 03/09
  • Round 4: Thursday 04/09 - Friday 05/09
  • Round 5: Saturday 06/09 - Sunday 07/09 (Final between winner of EU and AM bracket)

Commanders & Bulletins

  • ALL commanders are allowed except the INDUSTRY, RIFLE ELITE and ELITE OSTHEER commanders.
  • Due to player concern about balance, these commanders are not allowed.
  • All bulletins allowed.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be enshrined in Rewind's Hall of Fame.
  • Company of Heroes 1
  • Company of Heroes 1 - Tales of Valor
  • Company of Heroes 1 - Opposing Fronts

Opponent Selection

Teams will have to chose the time zone they are in. Kreatiir will sign in all players in SuperCup EU/AM on Challonge. This will randomly generate a bracket, so the tournament staff can't influence who plays who.

Tournament Rules

  • No verbal abuse, this includes, sexism, racism, comments about sexual orientation or threats of violent or sexual attack, excessive chat spam, personal attacks; above all use common sense.

  • No stream cheating (viewing opponents stream during a match), this will result in a DQ.

  • No use of 3rd party programs (zoom mod, map hack, etc.) that gives you an unfair advantage against your opponent. Guilty parties will be DQ'd and banned from attending further events.

  • Collusion will not be tolerated, any guilty parties will be DQ'd and barred from this event and attending further events.

  • No-shows without letting kreatiir or ashman know will result in a ban on future tournaments.

  • All bulletins allowed

  • Referees reserve the right to ask you to change your name at any time for any reason.

  • Referees decision on any matter is final.

Map Pool & Procedures

Players can choose from the following map pool:
  • Langreskaya
  • Kholodny Ferma
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Semoiskiy Summer
  • Road to Karkhov
  • Vaux Farmlands
  • Trois Piont

Players will veto the maps one by one untill there is one map left. The remaining map will be the decider map for the third game.

Veto and Faction Choice for Game 3
  • The player with the least VP's will veto first.
  • The player with the most VP's after the first two matches can chose the faction.

Replays & Score Submittal

Players must save replays of each game and submit them after the match. You may upload them to COH2.ORG using the "My Files" feature and then sending the link to Kreatiir. You can find the 'My Files' section by placing your cursor over your name in the top right of this website. When sending the links of the files, please also report the final score for the match.


Interviews will be held with the players who make it into the finals. Kreatiir or Ashman will contact you to set a date. These interviews will be recorded and played live during the Rewind stream.

Tournament Streaming

Streaming of the Supercup will be provided by Rewind Events, casted by Kreatiir & Ashman, with surprise guest appearances from well known community members.

Check out Rewind on Twitch.tv.
Follow us on Twitch to be notified when Rewind Events goes live!

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