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ESL 1on1 Flexible Time Cup

Have you wanted to take part in the recent bonanza of tournaments, but you couldn't find a way to fit it into your schedule? The folks over at the Electronic Sports League feel your pain and are launching a 1v1 flextime tournament beginning 1 April 2014! Play your matches when you are available instead of clearing out an entire weekend. This double elimination tournament is capped at 64 players, so sign up now. Not a member of ESL? Register here. Flexible time means no excuses, soldier! I want to see your name on that player roster ricky-tick!


Read the rules on the official announcement

  • Double elimination
  • Best-of-three
  • Standard resources, 500 VPs, fixed positions
  • Mirror matches are not allowed
  • Maps decided by veto

Map List

Unless otherwise noted: Soviets in positions 1 & 2. Wehrmacht in positions 3 & 4

  • Kholodny Ferma (Germany Positions 1&2, Soviets Positions 3&4)
  • Kholodny Ferma Winter (Germany Positions 1&2, Soviets Positions 3&4)
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Semoskiy
  • Semoskiy Winter
  • Langreskaya (Germany Positions 1&2, Soviets Positions 3&4)
  • Langreskaya Winter (Germany Positions 1&2, Soviets Positions 3&4)
  • Road to Kharkov
  • Minsk Pocket

Permitted Soviet Commanders

  • Guard Motor Coordination Tactics
  • Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics
  • Shock Rifle Frontline Tactics
  • Shock Motor Heavy Tactics
  • NKVD Rifle Disruption Tactics
  • Soviet Shock Army
  • Soviet Combined Arms Army
  • Soviet Reserve Army
  • Defensive Tactics

Permitted Wehrmacht Commanders

  • Festung Armor Doctrine
  • Festung Support Doctrine
  • Jaeger Armor Doctrine
  • Jaeger Infantry Doctrine
  • Assault Support Doctrine
  • German Infantry Doctrine
  • Blitzkrieg Doctrine
  • German Mechanised Doctrine
  • Defensive Doctrine

No commanders marked "Premium Item" allowed.
All bulletins allowed.
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Thank you everyone for making WCS possible!
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Replay highlight

  • The British Forces flag [c.B] Guard2707
  • Soviets flag [c.B] Brosras
  • Oberkommando West flag 女性主意
  • Ostheer flag 101 Airborne Divison
uploaded by koreanmaphack

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