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SNF Interview with Symbiosis

COH2.ORG's Lead Editor, 12azor risked life and limb to take an elevator to the Studio Penthouse of the Chrysler Building amidst a rain of extraterrestrial debris. Word on the street is that the "kid wonder" Symbiosis is training his his bob and weave with a masked mentor above those iconic silver gargoyles.

COH2.ORG : Hi Symbi, thanks for taking the time out from practicing to speak with us. Firstly congratulations on reaching the final four! You managed it fairly easily it seemed, although you had a horrific performance against Aimstrong in Contender Bout #1 - any comments on that?

Symbiosis : Hmm, I'd say I agree with you. :)

COH2.ORG : Ha! Who did you think would be the final four before the season started? Were you confident in securing a place?

Symbiosis : Something can always go wrong of course, but I knew I had a good change at making it and I think the four that were left is not a big surprise.

COH2.ORG : I'm sure most people would agree with you on that. You're well known as a very solid, conservative and consistent player. Some people have even said too conservative - how would you respond to that?

Symbiosis :Sometimes that is true. I'm not really a player who goes all in with some risky early push because it may mean I have to rely on my mid-game, like a fast M8 or a counter snipe. If that fails you have no map left to fall back on.

COH2.ORG : So it's just the way you play? You're not planning on changing it for the Semi-Finals or potentially the Championship Final?

Symbiosis : No, and even if I would, wouldn't it be better to keep it secret? Anyway I've already proved that I'm able to beat Aljaz and DevM with my current style. If I'd have had to play Aimstrong, I might have changed a few things though.

COH2.ORG : Interesting, which of the two do you fear playing against more? Aljaz or DevM?

Symbiosis : Hmm, hard question, I'm not quite sure. I haven't played Aljaz recently, so I don't really know what he does these days, but since I normally always practice against him I know his game.

COH2.ORG : Ah, but then he knows yours as well!

Symbiosis : Exactly and that's the funny thing, do you go for your usual play or will you try and surprise him? :P

COH2.ORG : I think you should WSC start in Game 1 and work from there.

Symbiosis : HaHa.

COH2.ORG : This season has featured custom maps for the first time – what's your take on the two of them? You seemed to get the hang of Argentan really quickly compared to some of the other players.

Symbiosis : Yea it seemed, maybe that's just because I quite like the map :) I don't really like Bois though, so if I make it to the finals you can be assured that I'll veto it. :D

COH2.ORG : So, as you're playing against your regular practice partner, Aljaz, who has been filling in for you to spar against?

Symbiosis : DevM, since I wouldn't be playing him for a while and actually expected Aimstrong to win.

COH2.ORG : Do you expect to see a repeat of last week's episode? With the U.S. being completely dominated by Wehrmacht or do you think you guys can redress the balance a little?

Symbiosis : In the past, when I played his Wehrmacht, the games were always really close and long. His huge Wehrmacht tier one is always hard to beat as U.S. but I'll certainly try.

COH2.ORG : So you're confident in your own Wehrmacht beating his U.S.? Or will you be breaking out some PE perhaps?

Symbiosis : Yes I'm confident of my Wehrmacht against his U.S. With regards to using PE I might against DevM but against Aljaz on these maps I'll stick to Wehrmacht.

COH2.ORG : Fair enough, well I've taken up a lot of your time. Thanks for allowing me to interview you! Do you have any shoutouts you'd like to make or words for Aljaz before Sunday's big series?

Symbiosis : Let's say I hope that whoever wins this Sunday, wins SNF. Shoutout to all the Allstars members of course and to all the players who practiced with me, to get me ready!

Stats desk says...

  • Lost to Aimstrong in Contender Bout #1
  • Defeated Sepha (2-1) and DevM (3-1) in Second Quali/Contender Bout #2
  • Most played map: Argentan Crossroads (7 times)
  • Least played map: Angoville (0 times)
  • SNF Match win %: 87.5% (7 wins out of 8 matches, currently highest of any SNF player)
  • SNF Individual games win %: 68.42% (13 wins out of 19 games, surprisingly low compared to match win %)
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