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4v4 Bloodbath 2 - The Pineapple of 4v4

Artillery strikes everywhere, explosions, shockwaves, the sound of tracks and tank engines and right there in between: You and three Allies, fighting for ultimate victory and… a Pineapple?
Yes, because it is indeed the second iteration of the 4v4 Bloodbath Tournament which is in organiser Currahee’s words the “Pineapple of 4v4”.


  • 4v4, 500 VP
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • First rounds BO3, Final BO5
  • Fixed starting Positions (Allies 1,2,3,4 | Axis 5,6,7,8)
  • Mirror matches are banned
  • Observer mode: 5 min delay, no password, no mods


Map Vetoes and Faction Selection:

  • There is a coin toss at the start of a series
  • The winner gets the right to choose their faction first
  • The teams must then declare their factions (Axis or Allies), the ones with the choice doing so first.
  • If there is an ace game, I.E. game three in a best of three, the team with the best victory point tally will have the choice who gets to pick their faction first
  • The maps are predetermined per Round so there won’t be a veto procedure

Other Details:

  • Lateness may result in VP penalties or worse as decided by the referees.
  • 5 min break between games. In extreme cases a longer break may be given by the referees. This, however, doesn't happen without the permission of a referee!
  • As a team, show respect to your opponents and to the referees. Bad behaviour may be punished.
  • The seeding is done by the organisers and is final.
  • Match fixing - including not playing to full potential against clanmates - is disallowed and will result in a disqualification.
  • Please restart CoH2 before any tournament game activity and close external programmes before playing to avoid crashes.
  • On all days, the tournament will be played until a maximum time of 24:00 GMT. If the second round of the day hasn't been finished yet by 24:00 GMT, the games left of that round will be rescheduled. If a game can be started around 23:30 GMT, then the referees/organisers decide if that game will be played.
  • All players must play only on their primary COH2 Steam account. Players must also register for the tournament under that account.
  • Players must have at least 300 total hours in CoH2 on their Steam account.
  • If there is any sign of cheating during the games, contact the referees.
  • Both Team Captains ought to report the scores to one of the referees to make sure they are aware of the status of the rounds.
  • The winning team of a match must upload all games, and post them in the discord channel by the name "replay-thread" (link) . You run the risk of being banned from future events should you fail to do so.
  • We would appreciate it if you do not stream, so that we can attract as many viewers for the official stream as possible. If you really want to stream your games up until the semi-finals, please get in contact with organisers beforehand.

Scripts and Hacks:

The only third party apps that can be used in conjunction with Company of Heroes 2 are:

  • Direct hotkey remapping. To swap individual keys for other keys simple programs can be used such as Autohotkeys, Keyboard apps, or CELO. However these apps must not be used to create macros which automate tasks.
  • Graphics processing software to improve sharpness and contrasts levels within Company of Heroes based on the game’s graphical output. Either through GPU software or reshade mods.

Any player that uses any script, application, or hack to gain a competitive advantage including but not limited to changing in game statistics, removing fog of war etc. will be met with permanent bans from all tournament activity and a permanent game ban across all identities will be requested.

Game Exploits:

Players may not use any exploit in the games that is derived from an obvious bug. We class anything classed as an exploit that is based on an obvious bug.

Known Disallowed Exploits:
  • Impeding enemy with half built defensive structures aka 'ghosting'
  • Any unit attribute changed based on bug exploitation
  • Capwalking - where one model of a capping squad is sent forward to next point
  • Building from inside garrison to remove building under fire penalty
  • Using bugs to phase through walls
  • OKW med kits bugs to get improved usage

Any exploit that is not currently known to the organisers but is definitely derived from a bug and is obvious in its intentional use is de facto included in the above list.


If there is a bugsplat within 7 minutes, the game will be replayed. Unless, something along these lines occur: player 1 "bugsplats" after 5 min after losing whole his army except one pioneer. In such case or similar, the referees will make a decision. Should there be a bugsplat after 7 minutes, then one of following things happen. If both teams agree, the game will be replayed. If not and if there is a clear winner according to the referees, that team will be given the win. In case there isn't a clear winner, the referees again make a decision. However. The player that bugsplatted has to screenshot the crash with windows time/date showing! If this doesn't happen within 5 minutes, the referees are allowed to give the win to the opposing team.

Map Pool

  • White Ball Express
  • Road to Arnhem
  • Nordwind

Of those maps, Nordwind will always be the Decider Map. How the other maps are distributed across the rounds will be determined once the sign-ups close and the brackets get created.

Time Table

The sign ups close at 24:00 GMT, the 10th of November.

13th of November: Round 1 and 2 of the upper bracket and Round 1 of the lower bracket 13:00 GMT
14th of November: Round 3 of the Upper Bracket and Round 2 and 3 of the Lower Bracket 13:00 GMT

20th of November: Round 4 of the Upper Bracket and Round 4 and 5 of the Lower Bracket 13:00 GMT
21st of November: Semi-Final of the Upper Bracket and Round 6 and the Semi-Final of the Lower Bracket 13:00 GMT

27th of November: Final of the Lower Bracket 13:00 GMT
28th of November: Grand Final (Best of 5) 13:00 GMT

If you have problems checking in, look for help in the discord server!

Sign Ups

If you want to sign up for the 4v4 tournament, please post the following information in the discord channel under "Sign-ups". Click here to sign up!

  • Team Name
  • Player name 1 (captain)
  • Steam ID 1 (captain)
  • Player name 2
  • Steam ID 2
  • Player name 3
  • Steam ID 3
  • Player name 4
  • Steam ID 4

If your team name goes against certain rules the Tournament organisers may reserve to right to change it on their own account so please be mindful of this when choosing your team name.

We strongly advise you to have at least a 5th substitute player signed up (better even have a 6th one but that’s the maximum), in case one of the players can't play. If you don't have a substitute player signed up and one of the players can't play, you will be disqualified!
For the seeding of the Brackets there will be looked at various things and among them is your activity on the 4v4 leaderboards. So start practicing!

The maximum number of teams is 32.


We thank our Sponsors Firefly, Greyshot and Flyerton99 for generously donating a prizepool of 1200 US-Dollar. Donations to the prizepool are still possible, if you want to contribute to the Prizepool please contact Currahee.

You need a valid Paypal account to receive the money from the prize pool, so if you do not have a Paypal account, make sure to create one before entering this tournament! (The Tournament organizers are not responsible for the distribution between individual players in one team!)


Games will be casted live by Olvadi on his Twitch Channel together with DuffmanTM along with Greyshot on his Twitch channel. If you want to know when he is broadcasting, then please follow him on Twitch and keep an eye on the ticker on COH2.ORG! The finals will be casted by Stormless on his channel.


If there are any things that are unclear during the tournament, speak with Currahee. The Tournament organizers keep the right to make changes if needed.
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