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Olvadi's Tactical Resurgence - 2v2 Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, rear echelon and tiger tanks,

As you know, history was written with the blood spilled by the soldiers of the past. We must not forget the past lest we repeat its mistake. We shall take a look at the symphony of flame that burned across Europe through our Tactical Resurgence tournament 2v2 Edition.


  • 2 vs 2
  • All rounds are BO5
  • Standard 500 Victory Points
  • No commander or faction bans
  • Fixed starting positions (Allies 1,2 | Axis 3,4)
  • All factions are allowed!
  • 5 min Observer delay
  • 16-32 teams

All matches except Final and Semi-final will use the Tournament Mode Mod in 64-bit
The Final and the Semi-finals will use the Tournament Mode Mod and Winter Balanced Patch in 32-bit legacy version (for live game-casting reason)


Players who rise to the top will have exciting chances to win some cash from the prize pool (currently $500)

  • First place: 350$
  • Second place: 100$
  • Third place: 50$

If you wish to support the tournament, feel free to get in contact with Ovaldi



To participate in the tournament, follow these steps:

  • Join the official Tournament Discord via this link
  • The sign up message should look like this:

    Team captain’s name
    17 digit Steam ID64
    Teammate’s name
    17 digit Steam ID64

PM Olvaldi your e-mail which links to a google account (for the battleplanner)
The registration will stay closed after May 1st.


To avoid any overlapping with ML5 events, the first rounds will be played during the week. The teams schedule “playdates” message me (Olvadi) on Discord when you will play. Once the teams finish their matches, upload the replays in the #replay channel. Please exercise caution to not spoil the match result; Any sort of spoiler will result in heavy punishment.

The deadline for the first rounds is always Saturday, 23:59 CEST. Teams that fail to play their rounds by deadline will be disqualified. Only the semi finals and the finals will be played LIVE on a Sunday.

The number of rounds will depend on the number of participants (look below for a rough schedule)

  • First round: May 3rd to May 8th
  • Second round: May 10th to May 15th
  • Third round: May 17th to May 22nd

If you encounter any problems before the games start (team refuses to schedule a day and time) or during the games (like crashes, bugs, etc) and you can't resolve them on your own, please message Olvadi (I will respond as fast as possible but be prepared to reschedule your games in a worst case scenario)


How to report score and uploading replays:

After your games are done the team with the highest seed uploads always 5 replays in the replay channel and don't use the part of the Battleplanner where you put in the score and vp count keep this area blank.


The general rules about bug exploits fair play policy will follow the ML rule set (sections 6, 11, and 13).

Commander veto and map veto rules link


The seeding will be based on past tourney performances and the average at rank in automatch.


Everyone, including tournament players is eligible for casting (message Ovaldi on Discord with your Twitch channel to get a Discord casters role for access to the replays). All casting must happen on Sunday at 3 pm GMT once Greyshot117, the main caster, goes live on Twitch.


Please restart CoH2 before any tournament game activity, and close external programmes before playing, to avoid crashes.

Crash Procedure:

  • Player(s) with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection must provide a screenshot of the bugsplat, crash or lost connection message.
  • Player(s) with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection must inform the opponents and referee of the situation. Once replay or screenshot is authenticated , the referees will announce a rematch, unless the game is evidently dominating for one team using one of these three criteria:
    50 population cap army advantage and strategic dominance within a minute when the crash occurred (tanks and veteran units with no counter).
  • A victory point situation where it is literally impossible to capture and beat the clock, regardless of player actions.
  • A victory point advantage of 300 + for one team, where said team seems to be firmly in control of the match.

If any win condition is met at the moment of crash, the advantaged team will be more than likely to earn the victory.
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