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Master League Affiliate Event: Olvadi's Tactical Resurgence

Greetings, commanders. As the air whistles the terrifying sound of Katyusha barrage, the ground rumbles from the march of the Axis mighty tanks, or the sky rains down the brave paratroopers, Ovaldi proudly presents you with his first Master League (ML) affiliated event.

Tactical Resurgence, the battle of wit, the showcase of absolute brilliance and creativity, will take place on March 13-14, 2021, featuring commander veto, map veto and Rosbone’s battle planner! The Master League’s 16 greatest generals will fight their way up in this single-elimination tournament to prove themselves as the master tactician of war. The tournament matches will be mainly casted by Greyshot117. If you wish to be the caster(s), message Ovaldi on the ML Discord.


To participate in this tournament, please make sure to join the ML Discord and sign up. Priorities will be given to the highest seed players (graded by the ML Seeding System) and the rest will be filled out

Custom Ruleset

Each match-up will be in the Best-of-3 (Bo3) format (except the final, which will be Best-of-5).
At the beginning of each series, both players will perform a coin toss, then decide the map veto and commander veto with the help of Battle Planner.

Map Pool:

  • Amily Field
  • Bayeux Assault
  • Crossroad
  • Mill Road
  • Nexus

12 commanders (2 OKW, 2 USF, 2 UKF, 3 SOV, 3 OST) will be vetoed at the beginning of each series and will remain banned to both players for the remainder of the series. The veto will reset after each series.

For detailed explanation of the rules, please check here.


Big thanks to the generosity of ML’s Patreons who funded this tournament.
The winning player of the tournament will be awarded as follow:

  • 1st place - $200
  • 2nd place - $70
  • 3rd place - $30 (competed by the losers of the semi-final)

Big shout out to GBPirate for his event “Anti-Hibernation Quest for the Honeypot”

About the Company of Heroes Master League

The Company of Heroes Master League is a community-driven project that showcases CoH’s competitive scene. It features tournaments every two months and is broadcast live on Twitch. The prize pool is funded by members of the community chipping in small dollar amounts every month. By becoming a Patron, anyone can have the chance to vote on a variety of things that affect future tournaments and events via the exclusive Discord channel that brings together fans, players, and the organizers. In addition to the regular tournaments, the Master League is a living history of Company of Heroes. Detailed statistics of past tournaments are documented and results from the twenty most recent events are used to seed players in upcoming tournaments. This is to ensure that the Master League stays as competitive as possible while providing an archive of past achievements. The best part about this is that the data is free to access and available to the public! Check it out in the Master League spreadsheet. For more information about the CoH Master League, read the announcement post and, if you’re interested in getting involved, visit the CoH Master League Patreon page.

Thank you very much for your participation and support! Good luck on the battlefield and see you at the tournament!
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