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Elite 2v2 Invitational Tournament Series

The 2v2 scene is gladly stronger than ever and so Olvaldi and Currahee are happy to announce a flexible Tournament format. Over the coming months there will be small Tournaments to ensure that the community is supplied with 2v2 action.

The Prize for the winning team will be 100 USD.


  • 2v2
  • First two Rounds BO3, finals Bo5
  • Standard 500 Victory Points
  • No commander or faction bans
  • Fixed starting positions (Allies 1,2 | Axis 3,4)
  • No double faction matchups (e.g. Double USF or Double Ostheer)
  • Mirror matches are banned!
  • 5 min Observer delay


Maps have been predetermined for every game at this stage of the competition. There is no map selection process for players.


Below is an example of how the maps are assigned to the games. Once the brackets are released, you can check on which of the maps your games will be played.

Match 1: Game 1 & 2 Belgorod Game 3 Highway to Baku
Match 2: Game 1 & 2 Dreux Scout Game 3 Belgorod
Match 3: Game 1 & 2 Highway to Baku Game 3 Dreux Scout
Match 4: Game 1 & 2 Dreux Scout Game 3 Bolgorod
Match 5: Game 1 & 2 Belgorod Game 3 Highway to Baku
Match 6: Game 1 & 2 Highway to Baku Game 3 Dreux Scout
Match 7: Game 1&2 Belgorod Game 3&4 Dreux Scout Game 5 Highway to Baku


If you want to participate join the official Tournament Discord via this link: https://discord.gg/dwmQHKs
(Elite Invitationial Tournament Series/ Sign ups) Sign-ups close on the 23th of July .


First Tournament Day: 25th of July, 14:00 CEST
Second Tournamemnt Day: 26th of July 14:00 CEST



  • Players can take a maximum of 5 minutes in between a single game.
  • Players can take a maximum of 10 minutes in between a match (A match is the full series of games.)
  • However in fairness to viewers please start as soon as you're ready, and help us move the tournament on.
  • If the referees feel like players are purposely taking the maximum every time they can still issue a warning etc.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to make alterations to the schedule based on player needs, special circumstances and other factors.


Please restart CoH2 before any tournament game activity, and close external programmes before playing, to avoid crashes.

Crash Procedure:

  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Must screenshot the bugsplat, crash or lost connection message.
  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Inform opponent and referee of the situation. Once video is authenticated the referees will specify to replay the game in the majority of occasions.
  • Unless the game is judged to have been clearly over satisfying one of three 'win' conditions:
    50 population cap army advantage and judged strategic dominance within a minute either side of when the crash occurred (tanks and veteran units with no counter).
  • A victory point situation where it is literally impossible to capture and beat the clock, regardless of player actions.
  • A victory point advantage of 300 + for one team, where said team looks to be firmly in control of the match.
  • If any win condition is satisfied, the win will more than likely awarded to that team.


If playing against a Western Fronts faction you have two commander vetoes - this includes OKW, Brits, and USF
If playing against an Eastern Front faction you have three commander vetoes - this includes Wehr and Soviets

Veto procedure:

  • The coin toss winner then chooses their 1st commander veto.
  • The loser of the coin toss will get to pick their veto following the winners 1st commander veto.
  • This will switch back and forth between each team until there are no vetoes left.

For example: The coin toss winner decides to veto the Royal Artillery Regiment first. After this, the coin toss loser gets to choose and vetoes the Jaeger Armor Doctrine. This procedure goes back and forth until a total of 12 commanders is vetoed: 2 from UKF, OKW and USF each and 3 from Ostheer and Soviets each. These commanders are then disallowed to use in any game of the following match series.
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