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22 Sep 2013, 22:36 PM
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Nice guide - couple of things you could add.

M.02 - What's Mine is Mine

Maybe worth noting that you can still use demolition charges with this achievement to help deal with the enemy vehicles. Also probably worth noting that Shock Troop grenades can penetrate and kill scout cars, which are one of the harder things to deal with without mines.

M.05 - The Silent Organs

You can use the withdraw order/ability on your katyushas to get rid of them without getting them killed.
23 Sep 2013, 06:30 AM
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M.05 - The Silent Organs

You can use the withdraw order/ability on your katyushas to get rid of them without getting them killed.

Huh. I thought I had secretly added that already.
23 Sep 2013, 15:31 PM
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Well done Seb and Symbiosis! :)
9 Apr 2015, 13:55 PM
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hey guys i hope you can help me with an issue i have , i finished all the campaign plus ToW on general difficulty with all the achievements possible except for one :M.10 zero risk market.
i have tried in so many ways and on all difficulties to get it with no succes,i'm pretty sure by now it is bugged.
what do you suggest i do
any help would be appreciated
16 Apr 2015, 14:12 PM
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Same here. I can't get the Zero-risk Market achievement either.
22 Apr 2015, 19:27 PM
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Very slowly and carefully, you are not under time pressure at all.

Don't send infantry, only send vehicles
1 May 2015, 18:12 PM
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Very slowly and carefully, you are not under time pressure at all.

Don't send infantry, only send vehicles

Pretty sure I did not lose a single infantry or vehicle. I just can't get that achievement done.
27 Feb 2016, 17:35 PM
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M.12 - Howitzer Hunter
Destroy all of the German Howitzers in the city of Poznan
Below are the locations of the German Howitsers. All the howitzers are located in the first part of the city and are surrounded by MGs and anti-tank guns. Steal some of them if you clear the place with infantry; they might be useful later on.

there is another howitzer in front of the citadel hq
5 Mar 2016, 04:59 AM
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For the undoable mission 10 achievement, sombody created a workshop item for you to acquire the achievement(unfortunately after much testing the actual mission 10 achievement is bugged so this is the only way to get it)
9 Jun 2016, 08:56 AM
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When I complete COH2 M14 by defeating the tigers. The troops automatically storm the Reichstag, the game then goes into the conversation between Vasily etc and gets out of sync. Even if I let the whole thing play through it eventually send me back to the start of M14. Very frustrating after coming this far, any ideas.
10 Mar 2018, 01:45 AM
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I did M01 without calling in new troops, but my wifi was out so I did not get achive AGGG!
10 Apr 2019, 14:19 PM
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Im having trouble with "Behind Enemy Lines" any tips?
20 Jun 2020, 20:09 PM
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Im having trouble with "Behind Enemy Lines" any tips?

What I'd advise is to take your time. You're not in a hurry. First, make sure to get the best cover you can. A good tip is to always put fire on hold. This way, you can fully approach without firing. And when you take it off, you can see if you're able to hit them. If you're not, move closer. Taking off firing at will will also help when dealing with mortars, anti-tank, MGs. They'll never attack.

For example, to kill the first officer, I move Ania slightly to the right (next to a truck, I believe) and I move my snipers one by one. I put one front and the other slightly behind. The point is to cover a potential retreat and incoming enemies. I usually shot 1, maybe 2 times then I'm retreating. If you can spread your sniper over an area, do it, but be careful. It must be wide enough that a unit can't fire at all at once but close enough so they can all shoot the unit.

Usually, Ania is good at taking snipers, mortars teams. She's a good bait to lure your enemies in an ambush by how resistant she is (she can take a mortar shell and only lose half her life).

When you'll be in need to protect Ania, I'd suggest to eliminate every squad around the informant and start planting demolitions charges on the different pathways. This way, once you've reached the mission, you can remain in cover (use good cover, so green). Call a squad. More if necessary. Then, if you've survived this, the rest's easy. You make your way toward the camp, stay in cover, eliminate everyone, liberate the prisoner, take an anti-infantery and anti-tanks partisans and then you make your way back. It's easier, imo, if you go toward your first starting point. You'll avoid most of the troops (till the end where there might be 2/3 units to easily deal with and probably a quick skirmish in the middle).

hope this helped.
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