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Tightrope Starter Series: Episode Pack 4

To Tightrope's Starter Series, a Company of Heroes 2 micro tutorial series. In this episode pack, watch as tightrope covers the following topics:
Micro Tips and Tricks 4

  • Faster capping at the start of the game.
  • Sight around territory points.
  • Using attack move on long range squads.
  • Attacking with heavy machine gun teams.
  • Off-map air strike targeting.
Micro Tips and Tricks 5

  • Using stop command after attack to avoid leaving cover.
  • Queuing repair command on USF vehicle crews.
  • Guaranteeing wipes on retreating squads.
  • Ostheer sniper tips.


  • A tutorial covering what happens when you cancel units or tech structures. Also what happens when a unit dies whilst being upgraded.

Thanks for watching!
Stay tuned for the next Episode Pack!
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