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Hans' Tip of the Week #12: Countering Blobs

They don't like it up 'em!
Have you ever encountered a horde of Conscripts and Flame Engies advancing on you with intent? Or USF infantry discarding the basics of flanking and firing en masse like cloned Davy Crockets? Volks Grenadiers from OKW who have panzerschreks spawning from every orifice, or swarms of Ostruppen whose reserves seem endless?

In this week's tip, ESL champion Helping Hans, takes a look at several ways which you might counter blobbing. The Guide is not an encyclopedia of every unit used to combat this pestilence, but rather, a helpful tip for new players to show that all is not lost.

When you have digested the information, you might want to consider the effects of a firestorm, various fire weapons, skillzplanez, and the UKF combo of a strategically placed mortar pit with the dread Bofors. The possibilities are in fact endless.

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