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Tip of the Week #11 - Camouflage

Ghost Company - Hide and Seek!
Welcome to the magic world of Helping Hans, who won the ESL EU Go4CoH2 Monthly Finals Cup March.

Most of you know that some units can camouflage. And that some units can detect those which are in camouflage, but the problem is that the information is spread out all over the place. In this Guide, Hans helps you bring all the information together in one place, as well as covering the following questions.

  • Which units in the 5 armies can camouflage?
  • Does veterancy affect the ability to camouflage?
  • Which vehicles in the 5 armies can detect camouflaged units? And how does it work?
  • What drawbacks are there to camouflage?

More tips will follow, stay posted!
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