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Generals Gentlemen on Real Time Strategy: RNG

1 May 2016, 14:39 PM
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Interesting article! Thanks! :)

The link to other articles by GG was also worth reading.
1 May 2016, 17:41 PM
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Very informative, good work.
1 May 2016, 19:29 PM
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Completely agree. Problem is most of the community plays team games. RNG has its biggest impact in 1v1. Personally, I prefer team games for this very reason. It's pretty damn fusturating playing 45 minutes to have a game decided by RNG. I don't know if there is a large enough portion of the community that would make the necessary noise for change. The video and production is top shelf though (as usual with GG).
1 May 2016, 22:36 PM
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Nice. I would love to see some numbers in game (this PaK has xx% to penetrate this tank (while aiming or something). I mean if you have big sample size, everyone should have the SAME amount of "RNG".

RNG elements, with strategy to influence this RNG, makes the best games. This is why poker (NLH) is so popular. Sadly in most countries its considered gambling (while there are thousands of online professional players with steady winnings) Wait, that makes coh2 gambling aswell. Looks like we are a bunch of degen gamblers on this site ;)
2 May 2016, 02:45 AM
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Sadly in most countries its considered gambling (while there are thousands of online professional players with steady winnings)

Yeah, the state casino took pub poker companies to court over cash games in this state to protect its monopoly over poker. They lost because it was shown that poker is a game of skill (as in you have a reasonable chance to influence the outcome).

By comparison, pokie (slot) machines are extremely controversial because there is nothing you can do to significantly alter the outcome, making them very profitable for owners and ruinous for people with poor self control and limited funds.
2 May 2016, 13:40 PM
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Interesting, but i got to disagree on some details:
-some offmap combat groups in coh1 were objectively better (2x m10 offmap comeback group ...)
- you dont necessarily need more mechanics for RNG to be fair, but a lot of repetition is fine aswell (easy in infanry engagements, impossible to do with tank-engagements)
- did i miss it or did you not mention abandoning? imo they made it better with the last changes to it, but it still shouldnt be in the game. it makes baserapes very unpredictable if you lose your tank

another thing is the lack of side armor, which again is a good mechanic from coh1 cut from the game

i think that vehicle criticals also could be reworked to have less RNG and more mechanics, for example one could make the angle of impact the factor for the critical (you geht shot from the front -> gun destroyed, from the back -> engine destroyed, from the side -> crew shocked, etc)

5 May 2016, 18:53 PM
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I think this confuses uncertainty with randomness.

In poker, the drawing of cards is random. Which cards an opponent has, and what they will do, is uncertain. But this isn't randomness as such.

It is certainly (arguably) true that CoH could do with putting more numbers in front of people. Total War unit cards are a good demonstration of how this is done. But its not automatically useful; all those numbers can be intimidating, and are arguably unnecessary for all but the highest levels of play.

Could CoH use some sort of short percentage display? Sure; it wouldn't hurt.

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