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Generals Gentlemen on Real Time Strategy: RNG

Damn. How did we miss this series? Ladies and Gentlemen, the Generals Gentlemen! They will talk about RNG in RTS, for about 8 minutes. Enjoy!

The Editor's Note: In Poker, the basic RNG is know. You know the number of cards in a deck, as well as the number of types of cards. What is unknown is how your opponent will play the game. How they will react to your plays. In short, the strategy of the game.

Compare that to Company of Heroes 2, where the basic RNG is unknown. Unless you dive into the mod tools and crunch all the numbers yourself. In game, there is no way to know the basic chances of the game, other than to give it a try.

A system of displaying the chances would have been nice. It would allow strategy and tactics to take a more central role, as players would be able to calculate their chances, rather than feeling it out. It could be so simple as a coloured dot in the corner of a unit card. Green for 100-70%, Yellow bellow that, until 30-0% where Red would take charge.

Food for thought!
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