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2v2 British Guide

This does not work well in randoms since there is a good chance your ally will not be thinking of doing this strategy.

Map Vetoes:

  • Minsk Pocket
  • Dusseldorf
  • Trois Pont
  • Semoisky Winter
  • Crossing in the Woods

Vetoes are really personal preference. Learn to adapt to the map as well as the faction.
Special Weapons Regiment

Tank Hunter Infantry Section

Tank Hunter Infantry Sections can be deployed. They are equipped with Boys AT Rifles and can detect nearby vehicles. They also have access to anti-vehicle HEAT grenades.




Tank Hunter Infantry Section troops provide the UKF with more than just a counter to light vehicles. Their anti-tank rifles deter approaching infantry if fired from cover, and their passive ability detects enemy vehicles in the fog of war, stretching their usefulness from the early game to the very late game. These units also throw anti-tank grenades, providing the UKF with an invaluable vehicle snare found on no other British unit.

M3 Supply Halftrack

Dispatch a Resupply M3 Half-track. This unique Half-Track can reinforce units and deploy weapons on the frontline




With the M3 Supply Halftrack, you no longer have to research weapon upgrades or build a forward assembly for frontline reinforcement. However, this support is not free; the 30 fuel required for the M3 Halftrack could be better spent on your first few tanks.

Hold the Line


Infantry units in friendly territories gain increased defense. After a period of time, Hawker Typhoons strafe enemies on the frontlines with rockets and machineguns.

This ability is a double-edged sword. It is extremely expensive, and offers only mediocre bonuses across your sectors, not your allies's. Furthermore, the Hawker Typhoons come extremely late into the ability, and your enemy has plenty of time to retreat their army from the sector. As area denial, however, this ability is potentially useful to secure Victory Points in close games.

Concentrated Artillery Operation


Heavy Artillery will fire on the target area

This late-game heavy artillery ability rains destruction from the heavens. It fires a large number of shells into a narrow zone, granting the ability extreme accuracy. The Concentrated Artillery Operation heavily damages OKW Headquarters Buildings, leaving them ripe for destruction and follow-up.

Vanguard Operation "Crocodile"

Nearby batteries will fire a quick illumination shot to the deployment point, while a Churchill crocodile is deployed.



The Crocodile Churchill is one of the most powerful anti-infantry units in the game. It can even counter anti-tank blobs and anti-tank guns due to its high HP pool and relatively high armour.

The flares that come with this ability can also be used for reconnaissance purposes, or can be cast in the corner of your base to keep your Crocodile a secret. For our strategy, however, the Crocodile will be mostly ignored.
Tactical Support Regiment

Designate Command Vehicle

Designate a target vehicle as a Command Vehicle. The Command Vehicle will improve nearby units and increase the recharge rates of commander abilities.

The command vehicle has a mighty aura, as well as a free reconnaissance ability. This ability can be used to scout enemy positions before an attack. As well as detect cloaked units, such as snipers or hidden anti-tank guns. A command vehicle, however, is significantly weaker in combat so a purpose-built Universal Carrier is best suited to this role.

Field Recovery Operations

Dispatch 2 Royal Engineer Recovery squads who can salvage vehicle wrecks for resources. The more health it has, the more resources are gathered. Note that these Engineers cannot salvage weapons. When dispatched, flares will be fired over vehicle wrecks that are in the target area.


Air Resupply Operations

Air support will automatically drop medical and weapon supply crates on the targeted friendly territories. Infantry units will move and reinforce faster in friendly territory.
Click to target

While team weapons and medical supplies are useful in early stages of the game, the munitions spent on calling them down can be better spent on other abilities.

Artillery Cover

Artillery will automatically attack units in the area. Vehicles will be hit with disabling howitzer fire, while infantry will be suppressed with light artillery fire. Damaged Allied vehicles will be covered by a volley of smoke shells.

Once, this ability was the hand of God, but no more. It is still useful, but not absolutely crazy like it was before. Its primary purpose is to suppress and pin enemy infantry, to pave the way for your tanks to dive in and overwhelm the numerically inferior Axis tanks.

Artillery shells, that hit enemy armor, will double their reload, cutting their damage output in half. It is extremely important to remember to push in with your infantry WHILE your are pushing with your tanks. Otherwise, you miss out on a large portion of your army that could clean up units, who are pinned or suppressed. This is what separates good and superb players.

Forward Observation Post

Designate an occupied ambient building as a Forward Observation Post. This building can direct air and artillery support with unique abilities.
Can only be used in friendly territory.




The air strikes and artillery support from this ability can be potent. But, your munitions are better saved for the Artillery Cover ability.
Overall Gameplan
The British Forces are by design a defensive faction. They have access to powerful but static emplacements, and their infantry units receive bonuses when garrisoned or in cover. Your plan should be to remain on the defensive for the first 10-12 minutes, using natural cover and buildings, or building your own, to fortify key points such as the natural fuel and cutoff. Your first Cromwell Tanks will arrive at this time, and can be used to spearhead your counter-attack. The cost efficiency of these tanks allows them to be produced en masse, and your tank horde will be supported in the late game by powerful off-map artillery abilities.
Build Order
Starting Infantry Section

Infantry Section OR Universal Carrier

Infantry Section OR Vickers Machine Gun

Tier 2 (As soon as possible!)


Anti-tank Gun

Mortar Emplacement

Sapper, Anti-tank Gun, Sniper, Forward Assembly, Caches or Field Recovery Operation

One or None: Bolster Squad Size, Weapon Racks or Resupply Halftrack

Tier 3

Cromwell x 10

Against double OKW, it might be wiser to have 3 Vickers between the two of you. Volks spam is actually a good counter, "Envelope the target!", against Brits, so having large amounts of crowd control in the beginning is not a bad choice. Just make sure you do not lose them.

The Universal Carrier was buffed in the February 25th patch, and it is actually worth purchasing as a first unit now. Many players complain about its squishiness, but it can tank an AT gun shot at full health. It is very micro-intensive so just be careful. The UC is actually absolutely vital on certain maps that are building heavy since an innate weakness of the British is a lack of garrison counters.
Step by Step

Early Game

Your first objective should be to secure important buildings or green cover, so that your units can gain their cover bonuses in the coming battles. You can elect not to capture anything with your initial Infantry Section if there is a dominant building on the map, or even so that you can build a trench over an important point on the map, such as your fuel or your cutoff. These positions will form the backbone of your defence for the first ten minutes of the game. Dig in and secure them well; do not overextend your units and lose these valuable positions to the enemy.

Mid Game

You will receive lots of new units and upgrades upon researching Tier 2. Your Infantry Sections receive access to the medic and artillery flare upgrades. Healing is an integral part of minimising casualties while holding a defensive line, and can give you the upper hand in the game by reducing the manpower you lose in engagements, as your units will always have full health. Artillery flares can be used to scatter persistent enemies who refuse to back away from their assault on your defences, as well as on entrenched enemy positions. Both of these upgrades should be a priority. In addition to stronger Infantry Sections, you will also gain access to the powerful Mortar Emplacement with Tier 2.

The Mortar Emplacement cannot move or retreat, but its long range allows it to contest multiple points while being safely positioned. Try and set up your Mortar Emplacement in such a position, that it can simultaneously defend your points from attack and harassment, while also providing some support against an attack on enemy entrenched positions.

Good players will recognize that your are trying to set up double mortar pits, so its vital that you both build an AT gun after your first sapper. The most potent mortar pit rush counters are flame halftrack rushes or double luchs. Having 2 AT guns out on the field makes it significantly harder for these light vehicles to effectively stomp out your emplacements before they can get fully set up. In addition, try to plant mines if your sappers are idle, in likely avenues of attack. A vehicle running over a mine into your AT guns can be game winning.

If you still feel a little insecure about your AT abilities, call in an AT Section. While not as potent as an AT gun, it offers more mobile AT firepower, they have an AT nade. They also have a nifty passive that allows them to detect vehicles in the FOW.

Another common counter is 3-4 mortars or 2-3 LEIGs. The easiest way to counter these is to go Advanced Emplacements and activate Counter Barrage. In addition, try to sneak Sections behind enemy sectors to harass their mortar line. Try to get an upgrade Forward Assembly as fast possible so your Mortar Pits will always be at full HP and you wont have to risk your Sappers being wiped while repairing your pits. It is up to your team's discretion to choose which player who will select Advanced Emplacements.

Late Game

Your first Cromwells mark the arrival of the late game. Coordinate your Cromwell attacks with your teammate. Most players will be unable to defend against two tanks, especially considering that you have been on the defensive for the most part up until now. When two Cromwells are able to cause so much damage, then why not four?

Continue to amass and attack with your freshly build tanks, but always bring supporting units along, such as minesweepers, to ensure that you do not lose your tanks. They are more valuable to you than the Axis tanks will be to your opponents, so do not throw everything into a fight unless you are certain you will win.

Very Late Game

The super late game gives you access, through your accumulated CPs, to your two powerful artillery options. Your plan from here is quite simple.

First, send out minesweeper squads to clear the road of any mines, for your tanks.

Second, use your reconnaissance abilities to scout out the location for enemy troops. Your Concentrated Artillery Operations can clear or heavily weaken any static locations, such as a Schwerer Panzer Headquarters, Pak43 AT guns and machine gun nests. The ability can also force the relocation of enemy mobile defensive forces, thus denying them their optimal placement against your troops.

Third, send in your large mass of Cromwell Tanks, backed up by Artillery Cover and infantry. Your infantry units can capture points from the disorientated enemy during this assault, recrew their lost team weapons, or lend fire to the assault.
Other Considerations

Dealing with Panthers

Panthers are undoubtedly a powerful tank available to the Axis. However, your Cromwells will outnumber them, and it is possible to swarm and kill a lone Panther. While you may lose a tank in the process, they are much cheaper than the Panther. If you coordinate your flanks with your teammate, you may even escape from the battle without any losses.

Churchills, Comets and Crocodiles

These three tanks may be sturdier and have better penetration, but they are also significantly more expensive and arrive far later than the Cromwell. Building these tanks will delay your first tank, as well as make it harder to build a mass of tanks to overwhelm your opponent.

Cromwells always bounce shots!

Cromwells will frequently bounce against heavy armour from the front. But, with a large swarm at mid to close range, you will penetrate frequently enough to destroy even the heaviest of tanks.

Dealing with the Luchs

The Luchs is a powerful, but light, tank that will arrive before any of your own tanks. However, once your Cromwells arrive, the Luchs lose almost all of their power. In the mean time, you can lay mines and build anti-tank guns to defend your position. Remember, all you need to do is to defend; you do not need to destroy the Luchs. That will be easy enough when you have a swarm of Cromwells and artillery support.

On the Use of Infantry Sections

You will see noticeable improvements in the effectiveness of Infantry Sections while in cover or garrisons. In the open field, they will lose models extremely quickly and cannot fight nearly as effectively without this cover bonus. Keep your Infantry Sections on the defence until your Cromwells arrive.

Mortars, Mortar Halftracks and Leichtes Infanteriegeschütz

These Axis indirect fire options can destroy your static positions following sustained bombardment. However, if you build your two Mortar Emplacements close together, your mortars will outlast and bleed the enemy faster than they can destroy your defensive positions.

Furthermore, your opponent will need a large number of these guns to destroy your positions, especially if they are under constant repair. This all but clears the way for your Cromwells, as each LeiG is one less Raketenwerfer.

Fuel and Munitions Caches

Try to make at least 2 fuel caches in the mid game to help bolster your teams fuel economy and to prepare for the Cromwell spam. As a general rule, whoever has more manpower should try to build the caches.
The last patch broke the previously prepared batch. A new replay batch may be uploaded and added here at a later date. Until then, you will have to search the Replays section for British 2v2 replays.
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