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Guide to Competitive Map Making

With OCF behind us, we can see what kind of maps the most competitive players in CoH2 prefer.

Statistics on Map Choices in OCF

  • Langreskaya: 22 times, once in the Finals (#5)
  • Arnhem Checkpoint: 11 times, twice in the Finals (#1, #2)
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer: 10 times
  • Angoville: 8 times
Competitive Map Making Facts
The aforementioned maps have common factors, that one might as well take as gospels, when making a competitive map.

  • No water: With the removal of the movement penalty from shallow water, it might be tempting to use it more, but remember: Water makes red cover. And red cover must be used economically. Arnhem Checkpoint(2) has water, but it is on the map edge, not affecting the game-play.

    Water is for vista

  • Cover placements: Sparse green and red cover, with ample yellow cover, makes battles flow better. It also rewards players who use cover cunningly.

  • Hedgerows that smartly divide the map: Implied-lane is better than forced-lane. Examples of implied lane maps are Langreskaya(2) and Vaux Farmland(4). On those maps you do not need rows of hedgerows to know that there is a top, middle and bottom part of the front-line. An example of a forced-lane map is Minsk Pocket(4), where hedgerows and ground elevations coupled with cliff rocks constantly remind players of the left, middle and right lanes.

    This is how to use impasses, cover and roads

  • Minimum height differentiation: The game engine does not handle elevation well. Whenever more than a little amount of deformation of terrain is used, it will block countless tank and anti-tank shells, causing massive frustration. (Arnhem Checkpoint(2) does have some gentle hills on the right side, but the slopes angle horizontally. This means that they do not have much impact on the game-play where battles happen vertically)

    Generally flat

  • Equal opportunity cutoffs: The cutoff mechanic makes CoH2 unique, tactical and rewarding for almost all competitive players.

    Neither too close to the defender nor too far from the attacker

  • Wide front-line due to smart territory placements: CoH2 is about maneuvering. Whether it is maneuvering to pull off an Insane DevM Flank, or maneuvering to fend off an incoming flank, players need room to maneuver. Make the map appropriately sized. Spread out strategic points near the front-line, so that there is no single place that controls the entire map. This does not mean choke-points are always bad, but make use of them in moderation please!

    Spread'em out

  • No dominating building: The early game building rush on maps like Faymonville(2) or Rails and Metal(4) is really lame and no fun at all. Avoid at all cost!

    The infamous Faymonville building

  • Be open: Do not cluster up too much and provide lots of access ways.

  • Last but not least: Do NOT place fences in front of the bases!

    Recently fixed fence in Faymonville(2) (the problem still plagues Across the Rhine(4-6))

The competitiveness of CoH2 comes from the flow between its battles and smart cutoff plays.
With these pointers, I hope you will be able to create maps that are not only beautiful, but also competitive!
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