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Angoville Perspective


After Kholodny Ferma Summer Perspective and Kholodny Ferma Winter Perspective, it is time to move on from the Eastern Front to the North of La belle France. Are you ready? Quick March! I hope you all enjoy my third map guide, COH2.ORG users!

On 31 March 2015 Relic surprised us with the incorporation of Angoville into the map pool. Many of you probably knew all about this map, because it comes from the original Company Of Heroes. The guide is up-to-date, as of the patch dated 29 October 2015, when the glider wreckage was removed from outside the Southern base.

There are two ways of playing this map:

  • Aggressively

    This means that you have to fight on both sides of the map, to gain an advantage over your opponent, in which case, defend your cut-off at all costs!

  • Defensively

    This means that you have to focus on being strong on one side and wait for a mistake from your opponent.

In the following two screenshots of the tactical map ('TAC map'), you can see the two ways of playing on Angoville. The yellow line is the initial general phase line and the axis of advance varies, depending on which of the two options you adopt.

What is your gameplay style? Executed correctly, it will clearly propel you to victory.
Capture Order
In my previous guides I set out what build orders might be good for you to implement with your units, but in this guide I will omit such advice, since defining build orders is no longer useful over time. Many players use different strategies and if there are several patches, it means the build orders change frequently. Let us instead focus on the important stuff: the Capping Order!

I have indicated the priority for the capture routes, by numbering them 1, 2 and 3. This is my approach and the Capping Order works very well for me:-
North Side
When I am playing from the Northern base at the top of the map, I use only my first squad to cap on the left side; meanwhile, I try to force to my opponent to focus on the right side, so that I can try to obtain a clear advantage and go for his cut-off.

You should try to enter the house overlooking your opponent’s cut-off and if you succeed, you will have secured a huge advantage over your opponent.

South Side
If I have to play on the South side of Angoville, I always try to stay stronger on the Eastern part of the map. It is essential to defend your own cut-off as soon as possible and it is only with my third unit that I start capping the Western area of the map.

Point placement: Left vs Right
The left side is an open area and it is very difficult to flank with infantry units. Use support weapons such as as HMGs or ATGs to defend this side, in order to secure good map control of this zone. You should only use a few units to defend the left, so that you may focus on the right side of the map.

The right side contains a hamlet of nine houses, where infantry units are essential, both to flank and to capture points faster than your enemy. You can also use your tanks in this area more effectively, because the right is not a good area for ATGs since the houses, hedges and walls act as shot-blockers.

The only difference between the left side and the right side is just one extra Victory Point ('VP'), located on the right side, making two VPs in total. Also, you should appreciate that the distances between points on the left side of the map are farther apart.

Table concerning different information about points

Left Side
Right side
The following TAC map images display an x-ray of all points on the map, showing how vital is for you to keep the key to the victory. The blue sectors indicate the normal strategic points; the green sectors indicate the fuel points and the brown sectors indicate the munitions/ammo points; the VPs are circled in yellow.

The left TAC map below shows how the Northern player may suffer on the left side, if his cut-off edged blue is captured by his opponent: the Northern player loses access to the ammo and fuel resources included in the sectors edged red.

The right TAC map below shows how the Southern player will suffer, if his cut-off edged in red, is captured by his opponent: the Southern player loses access to the fuel and ammo points included in the sectors edged blue.
Cut-off examples

Therefore, you must be aggressive and try to cut the supply line of your enemy, whilst defending your own cut-off at all costs.

On the Angoville map there are a total of ten houses: one house on the left side and nine houses on the right side. It is therefore a good map to call in some units, such as Jaeger Light Infantry, the USF Recon Squad, Soviet Partisans or Fallschirmjaeger, who can infiltrate behind enemy lines.

We will start on the Left side and go Right, then move from North to South. To clarify, W means "Windows" and D "Door".

Make good use of the houses and you win the game easily!

The only house located on the Left Side.

Right side - North Spawn

Right Side - South Spawn - Left

Right Side - South Spawn - Right
In this section, I will pass on some tips which you should know about on this map.

1) Jump the fence, if you start from the Northern base. You are going to save some crucial seconds by vaulting it!

2) Place barbed wire round the hay bales near the North cut-off, to defend this point properly. Enemy infantry always try to go into cover, as soon as they can.

3) Placing barbed wire across the path leading to the South cut-off, can help you to control this side of the map, forcing enemy infantry units to advance via different routes.

4) Sandbags are a necessity for all factions, except for the Ostheer, who have no such capability. You should try to sandbag as you capture points, to secure an advantage over your enemy. Sandbags provide green cover while you are capturing a point. But beware! Your enemy also can use this green cover, but he is not going to capture the point from the other side of the sandbags, provided you construct the sandbags on the perimeter of the capping circle.

5) Flanking the enemy is always very difficult. In this screenshot, you can see how a player can defend his cut-off with an HMG, for instance. The white lines indicate the HMG's line of sight. The best way forward here, is to attack from the right.

House located next to South base cut-off


Mines win games. The following TAC map shows some good spots coloured red, where you can lay mines:-


Will you be able to flank this HGM42?

Will this Grenadier conquer Angoville?
Final Words
Thanks to all of you for reading this guide. I hope my perspective can help rookie players deal with Angoville in Company Of Heroes 2.

See you ingame! Good luck!

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