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The most Overpowered USF Strategy ever

Preface: A Game of Throws
Teamgame USF has been in a dark spot for some time. Slowly they have lost many of their advantages and become marginalized as "the Soviets Retarded Brother." It is in this crucible of pain that we have played. There were fun times, sad times. There were more shermans dying to quadruple pak wall and loud outcries for Calliopes and Pershings than we like to speak of. But at the end of the day, we believed in victory.

As a reward for our bravery, the RNG God himself came down from the skillplane hangars above and gifted us with the inspiration for a strategy so bold, so decisive, that it could bring USF team players back from the brink of extinction.

This guide is not for the faint of heart. It will require the utmost in dedication and cooperation between players. It is so cheesy that any man who dares stare upon it will become French. It is so horrifying that it will burn the images of WC51s into the mind of every OKW player this side of the Rhine.

"I [have] felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of [OKW players'] suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Mechanized Company. Armor Company. Coordination. Decisiveness. Victory.

This strategy was developed during some late night, 4:00 AM strategy talk,and has turned out to be purely devasting,especially vs OKW.

The Commanders
Armor Company

0 CP: Assault Engineers

280 7

Assault Engineers are tough combat troops whose primary tasks are creating or clearing battlefield obstacles and attacking enemy defensive positions. Effective against infantry at close range. No movement penalties when moving through rough terrain.

0 CP: Elite Vehicle Crews


Allows Vehicle crews to upgrade to Thompson submachine guns. Not the most useful ability in the world, but useful for keeping orphaned crews useful in the battelfield.

8 CP: M10 Tank Destroyer

270 80 10

The M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer's 3 inch main gun has a decent armor penetration and its mobility allows it to flank the most heavily armored enemy vehicles. Effective against medium tanks and light vehicles. Weak to anti-tank weaponry. Only use against heavy armor with a significant number advantage and whilst flanking. Very good at crushing infantry.

10 CP: 105mm Bulldozer Sherman

380 140 14

The M4A3 Sherman Bulldozer tank is equipped with a 105mm howitzer for engaging infantry and structures. Barriers can be created or destroyed with the bulldozer blade. Can engage infantry and structures, weak to enemy armor. Basically an HE Sherman with more survivability. It is usually better to spam M10s, and rely on your ally for AI, but you may find mixing one of these to your build to help build green cover quite useful.

12 CP: 240mm Artillery Barrage


This heavy artillery strike is the perfect choice to counter densely packed enemy positions, and to crush enemy assaults. Don't rely on these "RNG Bombs" to do much more than spend munitions and force your enemy to flee, but a single lucky strike with one of these shells can pay off your investment.
Mechanized Company

0 CP: WC51 Heavy Truck

240 20 5

A very fragile, but very versatile support unit. It is fast enough to outflank enemy positions, and can carry a single squad of soldiers with it, giving it extensive power on wide maps with many flanking routes and open maps with much space.

2 CP: Withdraw and Refit

Withdraw and refit is a very underrated ability in this commander, and synergizes very well with the US forces heavy useage of light vehicles. It returns 75% of a vehicle's fuel and manpower cost. It does not return munitions, so keep that in mind when returning Shermans or M20s. If you return a unit that is already carrying another unit (IE: WC51 with rear echelon driving and vehicle crew in the back), the carried unit will be ejected automatically.

3 CP: M3 Halftrack Assault Group

520 35 12

The M3 halftrack is very fragile, and a hefty investment for the manpower starved US forces, especially in the mid-game. It is mainly useful to callin late-game for the assault engineers that are inside, which can lay demo charges and light AT mines. Use these late-game to secure territory and create traps for enemy armor. If you decide to purchase the M3 halftrack assault group, you can use withdraw and refit to return the resources of the M3, whilst keeping the Asault Engineers. The M3 is marginally (40HP) more survivable than an ambulance, and has much better mobility, making it a great front-line reinforcer when being stuka'd constantly.

4 CP: Recon Sweep


The recon sweep is basically a more accurate, slower version of the major recon ability, which also can be called as far into the fog of war as needed. If you have a vetted major in range, use the major recon, as it is cheaper and has a second plane as well. Otherwise, use the recon sweep.

8 CP: 155mm Artillery Barrage


This heavy artillery strike is the perfect choice to counter static units like pak43s, immobilized tanks, static artillery, and OKW bases. In fact, OKW bases will typically take 80% damage from the artillery strike, which will allow you to finish them off with supporting artillery from an ally, or a few rounds from your armor. This artillery allows you to effectively counter most of the counters to USF lategame armor, and punishing your enemy for having a forward base building. Use this artillery in conjunction with your fast Sherman to slow down enemy teching if you are fighting OKW.
The Strategy
We will explain the Strategy from both our perspectives; We both have defined roles that MUST be followed in order for this strategy to function properly.

Note: The different commanders in the headers are shortened! "AC" equals Armor Company and "MC" equals Mechanized Company
Early Game Player 1 AC

The armor company player will start with 2 Rear echelons,with the starting rear echelon rushing an important point on the map(Train station on ettelfuck,south house on Vaux farmlands,etc.)

The second rear echelon is important,this rear echelon will drive the WC51 from the mechanized company player. Do not lose this rear echelon.

Build 2 riflemen,and then once you hit 60 munitions,buy your assault engineers.

The most baddest hardest mf' of the early game nao.

Early Game Player 2 MC

The early game for the Mechanized player is all about support, and getting kills and map control with the WC51 before your ally has saved up enough munitions for a flamethrower.

If you are the Mechanized company player in this strategy,you may not have alot of kills,or damage dealt. But you are the most important player in this Strategy. Hopefully,you and your partner are good friends,and dont care who gets the most damage!

Send your initial RE squad to capture territory. Prioritize strat points so that you can bump up your fuel income and get your WC51 as soon as you have your manpower.

When you buy your WC51, hop out the vehicle crew and crew it with your second RE squad. Put the vehicle crew in the back. You now have the highest DPS anti-vehicle unit of the early game,as grease guns have higher DPS vs light vehicles than the rifleman M1 garand, especially at closer ranges. Use your WC51 aggressively to hunt down kubels, supply trucks, and weak spread-out infantry like volksgrenadiers and pioneers.

Every Kubel/ Truck you destroy is a huge veterancy bonus for your rear echelon driving the truck, as well as for your vehicle crew. It also means that your ally will have a much easier time crushing through the enemy positions a little later.

Don't forget that it it perfectly viable to use riflemen in the back of the WC51 as well. Riflemen would have much less anti-vehicle firepower, but have a sizable anti-infantry advantage at all ranges.

Build a pair of rifle squads. These will round out your army until you tech up. Follow up your or your allies' WC51 attacks with rifle pushes.

As soon as your ally has 60 munitions for a flamethrower, give him your WC51 and use the vehicle crew and RE to capture territory.

You will now have more of a supporting role. Tech for grenades and use your rifles in conjunction with your ally's flamer truck. Follow him and give him a safe place to retreat to. Steal support weapons and capture vital buildings.

Remember to communicate with your ally and use your vehicle crew and rear echelon squads to keep the WC51 at full hp.
Mid Game Player 1 AC
Once you have the munitions for a flamethrower,your WC51 Loaded with assault engineers,you now have the highest anti INFANTRY DPS vehicle in the early game,with a FLAMER on top of it!

If you are familiar with soviets and the M3 scout clowncar; imagine shocks,AND penals, in an M3 ( :snfPeter: ) that can repair it(and repair criticals from Panzerfausts!!!)!!!!

Go and chase down and maim any squad that dare stands in your way,espcially on flanks.The previously underwhelming WC51 is now the best anti infantry vehicle of the early game. Hug enemy squads to maximize the DPS of the assault engineer grease gun, Use step on it to chase squads down mercilessly ,and the Stop key to prevent unneccessary pivoting, to maximize DPS and improve pathing.

While you are grilling and chopping down all squads on retreat,tech Captain and get an AT gun for possible enemy light vehicles like the 251/17 Flak Halftrack, Puma,etc. You usually want to follow up with a fast Stuart.

222's should not be a problem. Use the WC51 like you would use an M20 in that regard. Use screening riflemen to discourage diving attacks on your truck.

After a period of time,you SHOULD tech back to Lieutenant,and lock down the territory you gained with Machine guns and AT guns.

Once heavier AT arrives(if the game is still going on)give the WC51 back to the Mechanized Company player,and let them trade it in. They should still have their vehicle crew.
Mid to Late Game Player 2 MC
This is the point on the game where you will be teching. Since your ally will always tech Captain first for the fast Stuart, you will have a bit more leeway in deciding what tech path to take.

If you find yourself fighting lots of infantry, go for the lt tier first,and spam M2hb mgs.

Remember to build an m20 at some point to lay mines, and recycle it for resources once you are finished.

If you find yourself fighting a double mechanized hq build, go for a captain as well,and keep pressure on the enemy vehicles.

If you find yourself in need of some extra manpower or fuel, remember to recycle your stuart after it has lost its use. Use your lowest veterancy vehicle crew for this.

By the midgame you may find yourself on the defensive if your ally failed to wipe enough squads. Spam tank traps for green cover from your RE squads,and position your 50 cals behind it.

Build or use your teammate's ambulance and use it to keep mgs and squads at the front refreshed. If you find yourself constantly being stuka'd, consider using an M3 halftrack for more mobile and slightly more resilient reinforcing.


By this point in the game, your job will shift to being an anvil behind which your ally can prepare for his role...
Late Game Player 1 AC
From here,it is basically a bleed war while you mass M10s. Nab the entire map,and lock it down with support weapons. Do not tech major and Sherman tanks,unless you have control of the game.(Both fuel points)

As you Bleed and deny the map to the germans,you will rapidly approach 8 CP,and the most SEXY unit USF has for the late game,the M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer!

Prepare yourself..

Your enemy will most likely build multiple walking stukas to counter all you and your teammate's support weapons.

Your micro and awareness must be good enough to dodge and/or minimize the damage of the walking stuka.

If you cannot dodge the strikes,your strategy will fail,and you WILL lose. Turn your volume up and constantly move your support weapons!

From here,you will use Call-in M10s to provide mobile anti vehicle support,so if the enemy manages to squeak out medium armor,it will immediately become redundant.

Use a combination of Mechanized Companies Recon Sweep,and your M10's, to dive the enemy lines and kill the Stuka rocket artillery. M10s are cheap and disposable,especially with the map control that you should have.
Late Game Tricks and Tips

Oh boy. Late Game.

Despite your hardest efforts, and using the most delicious flavors of Cheese on your enemy,its the late game.

OP axes has Sturmtigers,Shrek blobs,and youre bleeding like a pig.

Well you dun' goofed. Because you should not let your enemy get to the late game with this strategy.

You peak at the mid game. If you cant win most of the map,and deny your enemy resources,you messed up,and should reread and retry this guide.

However....If it happens,and you are like General Anthony McAuliffe,and you feel its "Nuts" to surrender to those Kraut Bastards,you can still continue to fight your heart out.

You must prepare the biggest M10 spammerino blobberino that you can prepare; You must cycle out riflemen squads with Rear echelon squads. Decked out with BAR's Zookas and Sweepers. You must do your best to keep your support weapons crewed with the numerous Rear Echelons you should have. Use 240 mm and 155 mm arty on strongpoints. Do EVERYTHING you can to finish the game or bleed the enemy of Victory Points.

We wont lie to you. We wont give you false hope/dreams. There is no proper counter to a sturmtiger,or King Tiger with this strategy if your enemy is not crippled. The mech player can always tech Major and get Jacksons, but will typically be very manpower bled.

You simply must win or have crippled your enemy before these units arrive.
Extra Hints
Advanced WC51 micro
  • Spam the stop key when in close quarters. Every time the jeep rotates, the .50 loses accuracy and thus DPS. The rotation will also make it hard for the "passenger" squad inside the back to focus on targets.

  • Remember that units garrisoned inside the WC51 have an accuracy penalty, and cannot focus all their firepower onto one target. This penalty doesn't change much when fighting vehicles (all units will still have a 100% to hit vehicles), but it will drastically affect anti-infantry firepower. For this reason, you may find it beneficial to evacuate passengers from the jeep once they get into close range, to give you access to more firepower.

  • If you feel like you may lose your WC51, don't hesitate to evacuate the vehicle crew. The WC51 goes down very quickly to high ROF small arms fire, so you can easily destroy it in 1-2 seconds and hit retreat. You may have lost the jeep, but you still got 2 vetted squads out thanks to the experience!

  • If you are feeling particularly desperate to get a final hit into an enemy vehicle, you can use a Captain inside the WC51 to chase down low HP pumas and other light vehicles. Not recommended,but this is for those crazy bastards that dont care.

  • The WC51 has a hard time rotating, but has a fairly good acceleration/ top speed. Always plan your movements out, and keep in mind that sharp corners will cause a large decrease in speed.

  • Use "Step on It!" both aggressively and defensively. If you find yourself falling behind while chasing a retreating squad/vehicle, don't hesitate to use the ability to catch up. The only downside of the ability is that it disables the .50 main gun.

  • Remember that it is always possible to repurchase the WC51 if you lost it early. Since rushing for vehicles isn't a core part of this strategy for the Mechanized Support player, any fuel expended on replacement WC51s is not too important.
General Tips and Tricks
  • Always talk to your teammate. Plan major flanks and diversions, and ask for assistance whenever necessary.

  • Mechanized Artillery (155mm) is one of the best anti-OKW weapons in the game. A single, centered strike on an OKW structure will reduce it to about 25% HP. This means that, with the aid of a single AT gun or M10, any structure can be destroyed in seconds.

  • RNG bombs (240mm) are some of the best weapons to drop on dense enemy defensive positions. The rounds have a high AOE and scatter, so no unit is safe. A single lucky hit from one of these shells can win the game.

  • Knowing when to use certain artillery strikes and when to save the munitions is a huge key to victory.

  • The Mechanized Recon Sweep is slower than the typical Major Recon. Use it to help your ally plan wide flanks and to pinpoint target of interest. Can also be used with 155mm artillery to destroy Pak43s and LEFHs.

  • Tank Traps are the best friend of .50 spammers. Place them in wide "Vs," with the open end facing your rear. This will allow your mgs and squads to take cover while making them less susceptible to stuka strikes. Remember that a Stuka shell is very large. If it directly hits a tank trap, it may not have the AOE to kill the weapon crew, thus saving you in a pinch.

  • Always place MGs with overlapping fields of fire, and always have infantry in front of them as spotters. 2 USF mgs can stop a single blob. 3 .50s can stop an entire combined arms offensive, whilst cycling back and getting reinforced.

  • Don't forget to tech to Major when you have a breather. The forward retreat point will stop you from getting pushed completely off if your line fails.

  • Single BAR REs are some of the most cost efficient USF lategame infantry. Spam Tank traps and spread them out behind them. Use volley fire to suppress flanking squads.

  • M10s are very cost efficient. Remember that losing 1 M10 for every enemy vehicle killed is a huge victory for you, especially since you never teched up for them.

  • Don't forget to give unneeded units to the Mechanized Company player. They can recycle them for fuel and more importantly, manpower.
Map Vetoes
  • Rzhev Winter, Snow and blizzard=bad :foreveralone:
  • Crossing In the Woods, Too small and cramped,restricted flanking
  • Trois Ponts,bad pathing, too cramped,restricted flanking
  • Road to Kharkov, too small and cramped

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide! May the odds be ever in your favor with your WC51 pathing,retreat wipes,and kubel hunting! Feel free to comment any questions,concerns and feedback!
Regarding the UKF Patch
This is viable strategy even with the UKF patch changes. The nerf to flamethrowers does not effect the main purpose of this strategy,because the main purpose of even waiting to upgrade the flamer is for Anti building,which has not been changed. Most of your DPS and wipe potential in this combination will come from your Grease guns amazing DPS at close range while being on a mobile platform like the WC51 without having to "break cover" like assault engineers would have to do without a WC51.
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