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Kholodny Ferma Winter Perspective by Jesulin

Kholodny Ferma Winter is the other version of the popular map, Kholodny Ferma. Many of you will say that this map is very similar to the Summer version, but I reject that contention.
The points are arranged in a different manner and based on my observations of the Winter version of the map, the previous changes to the Summer version of Kholodny Ferma do not apply here.

The guide is up-to-date, as of the December 2014 patch.

Before I offer my advice about this map, please bear in mind the previous changes instigated by Relic:


2 or 3 patches ago, the starting positions became random again.

Many of you will recall that for a long time, the West player had a starting advantage over the East player, but I believe this has now changed.
The Soviet and Ostheer Armies are no longer fighting alone on the map. With the introduction of the Western Front Armies (USF and OKW), we can introduce a lot of new strategies.
In the guide you will read below, I will give my perspective on the Winter map.

Point placement: Summer vs Winter
A comparison of the number of capture points between the Summer and Winter versions

Summer Version
Winter Version

Summer version - 17 points in total.
Winter version - 15 points in total

The Winter version has only 1 munition point and 9 standard points, as opposed to the Summer version, which has 2 munition points and 10 standard points.
Tactical Maps
The Summer version is on the left hand side, the Winter version is on the right hand side.

Yellow = VPs
Green = Fuel
Brown = Munitions

In this section, I offer you my insights on the different buildings which you will encounter on Kholodny Ferma Winter. As you can see from the next screenshot, there are a total of 10 houses spread across the map.

Starting from West (left) to East (right), let us review these houses and their all-important windows, (although you should also be conscious of the availability of doors for a fast exit!) ('W' = windows).
Less Important Houses
There are some houses on the map which seem to have no function, other than to call in infantry units.

Important Houses
I believe there are 4 important houses on this map.

The following screenshot is of the house, which is located to the left of the Western fuel point on the map. If you start in the East , garrisoning this house will provide a very good way to attack,; or if you start in the West, make sure to keep it in your hands!

The church in the middle of the map. This is one of the best places for your units, since it provides line-of-sight on the munitions point, as well as on the surrounding environment. A unit in the church will provide early warning on potential threats.

Now, to the East (right) of the church, we find another important house. If the West player enters this house, he has increased vision on the cut-off point, as well as on units coming from the Eastern player's base.

And lastly, for me, the most important house on Kholodny Ferma Winter is located centre-left. Remember to defend this house if you are the Western player; or to attack it, if you are the Eastern player.

The house gives you a clear advantage if you are the Eastern player. It gives you a view towards the enemy's base, as well as an advantage in combat, forcing your opponent to fight without cover.

West versus East
As I stated previously, the Western Army commander has to play more defensively and take lesser risk; the Eastern Army commander, however, must attack, because he has a clear advantage in map control.

In the picture below, you can see the tactical map marked with several arrows. These are the directions where players typically move, during the opening phase of the game.

In the first three minutes of the game, I set out my intended map control for both sides. This means (in 90% of the games) the Eastern player has more points than the enemy, and is more likely to break the Western player's lines of resources, by attacking the middle house.

In the screenshot below, you will see the cut-offs for the two players. It is very easy to find the Eastern cut-off (edged in green color), but cutting off the Western player's supply line is much more difficult to achieve, because it depends on capturing two points (edged in yellow color).

Cap Order
Right! Now to examine how you might create your build orders. This is my personal playstyle: I do not want to focus extensively on each army, because there are a lot of strategies available.

The East player
The first unit is the one which will easily capture points on the map, without any difficulty.

The second unit (risky strategy) must rush the enemy fuel point then occupy the house.

The third unit will go to the church and see if there are any units in the enemy's house. If not, it's your time to take the match advantage.
The West player
The first unit must capture the ammunition point (which is quite easy), while the second unit should capture the North VP without any problem.

The third unit has to defend the house, so that the enemy is unable to break the supply line.

On this map there is a small trick which you can perform as OKW: steer your truck and crush the environment, in order to obtain a better view of your fuel point, and so that your infantry can enter the house, faster than your enemy.


?Reader:What do you think about this map overall?

!Kholodny Ferma is one of my most favourite maps. I prefer the Summer version to the Winter version, since in the Winter version, you have to fight not only your opponent, but also the cold.Jesulin

?Reader:Do you prefer to play as Allies or as Axis on this map?

!Currently as we can see, position 1 is better than position 2. I notice more players seem confident when they come from the East (right side). Faction choice is not a big problem here.Jesulin

?Reader:Why do you not like to play as Ostheer on the West (left) side?

!Well, as you can see, the points on the West (left) are scattered and very difficult to defend. The only positive aspect is that you are reasonably certain to take control of the single ammunition point on the map.Jesulin

Thank you!
My first guide was launched on September 9 2014, entitled "Jesulin's Kholodny Ferma Perspective" - it has had more than 5,000 views, which (for me) is an incredible number.

In closing, thanks to the editors at COH2.ORG and also to other people, who motivated me to continue making guides.

Any questions? You can send me a PM, or post here.


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