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Worldbuilder "Non-Interactive Sequence" Tutorial

Introduction to NIS Tool
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the first episode of the COH2 "Non-Interactive Sequence" tool tutorial series! In this series, we will demonstrate how to use the Non-Interactive Sequence tool within the COH2 Worldbuilder. This video will focus on basic infantry movement. You will learn how to:
You will learn how to:
  • Interact with the tool's interface.
  • Make an entity of your choice spawn and move.
  • Add movement animations ("locomotion") to the entity of your choice
  • Edit the entity's key frames in order to achieve a realistic and smooth style of movement.
  • Change the path to move the chosen entity around possible obstacles.
Watch the video!
As my laptop struggled with the recording software, I had to make use of MonolithicBacon's PC in order to get this video recorded (while having visited him in England, thanks for that!). For more awesome CoH2 mapping tutorials, make sure to also check MonolithicBacon's Youtube channel!

Enjoy and good luck!
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