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Oberkommando West Unit Guide

Welcome Company of Heroes 2 fans to the COH2.ORG Oberkommando West (OKW) Unit guide! The OKW is an army that features a combination of elite infantry, advanced technologies, and some of the biggest tanks built during the war. OKW commanders have in their hands some of the strongest and flashiest units in the game. In addition to the potentcy of their units, the OKW can deploy their base structures on owned territory anywhere on the map. Each building provides a variety of passive and active abilities for the commander to strategically place on the map.
Command Headquarters (Tier 1)
"The basic military units needed to start offensive and defensive operations are ordered in from the Command Headquarters. Orders in Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, the fast point-captuing Kübelwagen, and the potent Raketenwerfer 43 Anti-tank weapon."
Sturmpioneer Squad
"Sturmpioneers are tough combat troops whose primary tasks are creating or clearing battlefield obstacles and attacking enemy defensive positions. . No movement penalties when moving through rough terrain. Can be upgraded to clear mines and cut wire or with anti-tank weapons."

300 9

Sturmpioneers are the OKW equivalent of engineers. Equipped the StG44 Assault Rifle by default, they are a very effective at medium to close range and as a flanking squad, unlike other engineer units. In addition to being an effective assault squad, they are able to construct tank traps and fortified barbed wire which prevents light vehicle crush. They can upgrade a Panzerschreck rocket launcher, which gives them decent AT capabilities.

!Sturmpioneers are very effective as a flanking squad and will outperform most infantry at medium range. Use cover when engaging or flanking. Sturmpioneers can salvage wreckage for fuel.Tips from COH2.ORG

"The Kübelwagen is a very light utility vehicle carrying a machine gun. Fast and good at scouting. Low armor."

210 0 4

The Kübelwagon fills a variety of roles as a light reconnaissance vehicle. The Kübelwagen can capture points.

!The Kübelwagen has captures territories 15% faster than other OKW units.

Use the Sturmpioneers and the Kübelwagen together in the early game. The fast Kübelwagen can push enemy infantry out of cover, which also keeps them from firing back, while Sturmpioneers close in and finishes it off. The Sturmpioneers can repair the Kübelwagen between skirmishes or when capping.Tips from COH2.ORG

"Volksgrenadiers are reformed from hardened veterans, recovering wounded, and new recruits. They are potent frontline infantry for the Oberkommando. Effective against infantry at medium/long range. Can be equipped with 2 STG-44 rifles to improve close-medium range DPS. "

250 7

Volksgrenadiers are the basic combat infantry of the OKW. They are strong at long range in their vanilla form, but vulnerable to light vehicles due to their lack of handheld AT weapon in the early game. They do have panzerfausts like ostheer grenadiers, but they have a rather short range. Can be upgraded with STG-44 assault rifles after a truck has been constructued, which improve their close quarters effectiveness at the cost of munitions. Can also throw a potent flame grenade for use versus garrison.

!Keep Volksgrenadiers in cover and at range. Use with a flanking Sturmpioneer squad to overwhelm enemies. Volkgrenadier can salvage wreckages and abandoned team weapons. Tips from COH2.ORG

Raketenwerfer 43 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
"Engage any vehicle, tank, or buildable structure with armor-penetrating rockets. Effective against light vehicles, medium tanks, assault guns. Can retreat and can garrison most structures."

270 7

The Raketenwerfer is the OKW AT gun. It lacks the penetration and punch of larger AT guns, but makes up for it with mobility. Unlike other AT guns, the Raketenwerfer is capable of retreating and of garrisoning buildings. It can also be deployed earlier than any other AT weaponry in the game, giving the OKW a unique capability of fighting early vehicles effectively. Raketenwerfers can camouflage themselves from enemies.

!Put in buildings to provide greater protection, and don't be afraid to retreat. Purchase early to fight Soviet M3 scout cars or other light vehicles. If using Grid keys be careful to observe that "R" will retreat the unit, not reverse it.

Raketenwerfers can camoflage themselves from enemies. Use this advantage to create baits for enemy vehicles or to hunt down a weakened vehicle without being spotted.Tips from COH2.ORG

SWS Halftrack
"A slow and vulnerable supply truck that can be placed on any allied sector on the map to be converted into tech structures.Can convert into a Battlegroup Headquarters, Mechanized Regiment Headquarters, and a Schwerer Panzer Headquarters."
100 15 0
MG34 Heavy Machine Gun
"Once set up, the MG34's 900 rounds per minute encourage enemy infantry to keep their heads down. Heavy Machine Guns are effective against massed infantry within their firing arc. Requires a set-up tech structure to purchase."

230 5

Considering the lack of weapons capable of suppressing units for the OKW, the MG34 represents a great early game choice to stop the hordes of Conscripts or Riflemen. Thanks to the Incendiary Rounds ability unlocked at Vet1, the MG34 can even fight much more expensive light vehicles like the the M15A1 AA Half-track.

!When you want to use the Incendiary rounds, set up the machine gun and and the ability preemptively so you do not have to wait for the crew to swap ammo types. Tips from COH2.ORG
Battlegroup Headquarters (Tier 2)
"Permanently convert the sWS Supply Half-track to the Battlegroup Headquarters. Retreat point, available medics can heal nearby infantry once upgraded."

The Battlegroup Headquarters allows OKW players to deploy a forward healing, reinforcement, and upgradeable retreat point. This is a strategically powerful tool that savvy commanders will use to great potential. It poses a unique Risk versus Reward decision: Deploy forward to put a strangle hold on territory, or hold back and keep it safe. The building can be taken down by virtually any AT weaponry, but can also provide enough support to take on superior numbers. The building can also be deployed at the players base sector for a more traditional base. This tier also provides players with a strong indirect fire weapon, a unique infrared half-track, and a potent anti infantry halftrack suppression tool. The medics must be unlocked with further manpower and fuel.

!Choose wisely where to place this structure. Halfway across the map in the open is a bad location. Behind a shot blocker and near the front line is a great choice. This is a high value target for your enemy to attack, make sure to defend it.Tips from COH2.ORG

Abilities and Upgrades
Reinforce (Passive Ability): Reinforce a depleted squad near the Battlegroup HQ. Does not require an upgrade.

Retreat Point Unlock (Toggle-able): Enables a toggle ability, when active it allows the building to be established as a retreat point.
300 0

Medics: Medics surround the building and heal units nearby.
100 15

!Please remember that the medics must be unlocked with further manpower and fuel after you initially place the structure.Tips from COH2.ORG

7.5cm le.IG 18 Infantry Support Gun
"A small, high-angle fire weapon capable of delivering rapid barrage of 7.5cm artillery shells. A light mobile howitzer effective against static positions, infantry, and light vehicles."

330 9

The Light Infantry Gun provides powerful indirect fire support, and can also engage nearby targets directly. Can barrage enemy positions from a distance and break up infantry formations or defenses.

!Keep this unit supported. Like all weapon teams, it is susceptible to flanking and advancing infantry. Use barrage for additional range and/or against large formations.Tips from COH2.ORG

Sdkfz 251/20 Half-track w/Infrared Searchlight
"When deployed, 60cm Infrared spotlight can be used to reveal enemy units. Scans for targets in the Fog of War, use in conjunction with artillery or tanks."

200 5 5

After stopping and setting up, the Infrared Halftrack will scan the battlefield for enemies. Can detect enemies through the fog of war and display a red silhouette with their location. A fragile and non-combat unit that must be kept behind the lines.

!Use in conjunction with indirect fire weapons to hit enemies through the fog of war. Keep the unit behind the lines.Tips from COH2.ORG

SdKfz 251/17 Flak Half-track
"When this Half-track is deployed, 360 degree capable 2cm autocannon is effective against light targets. Effective vs. infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft."

270 55 7

The Flak Half-track is very strong versus infantry and light vehicles. It has a relatively low cost for its capabilities, but is limited by low health, low armor, and a short setup/teardown time. The flak cannon fires rapidly and inflicts a lot of damage against infantry.

!Be careful about over-committing with this unit. Use with spotters to look out for AT weaponry.Tips from COH2.ORG

Mechanized Regiment HQ (Tier 3)
"The Mechanized Regiment Headquarters supplies vehicles to counter any threat - infantry or armored - that the enemy can field. Powerful anti-infantry and anti-tank options add dimension to attack or defend. In addition to providing access to new vehicles, the structure can repair nearby vehicles.Orders in the Panzer II Luchs, SdKfz 234 Heavy Armored Car, and the SdKfz 251 "Stuka zu Fuß" Half-track."

200 50

!There is no need to put this building too far forward. The repair feature is great for vehicles, but not if the building dies. Keep it in base, or a ways off from the front. Please note that the repair pioneers must be purchased separately after placing the truck initially.Tips from COH2.ORG

Repair Pioneers (Passive Ability): Pioneers will automatically repair all damaged vehicles near the Mechanized Regiment Headquarters.
100 15
Panzer II Ausf. L ‘Luchs’ Light Tank
"Light reconnaissance tank with a 2cm rapid-firing cannon can tackle infantry and light vehicles. Effective vs. infantry and other light targets."

265 60 8

The Luchs is very strong against infantry and light vehicles. It fires rapidly and is very nimble. Support your Luchs with anti tank weapons when engaging light tanks or larger.

!Use to clear the flanks or hunt down infantry on retreat, but watch out for allied counter units such as the AEC or Stuart as they will quickly destroy the Luchs. Tips from COH2.ORG

SdKfz 234 ‘Puma’ Heavy Armored Car
"Mobile, reasonably protected, and armed with a hard-hitting 5cm gun that is a threat to most armored vehicles. Effective vs. light vehicles and light tanks."

320 70 8

The Puma is a relatively fragile anti-tank vehicle. It has fast speed, good range, and is best used to hit and run or flank armor.

!Use Pumas to flank enemy vehicles and shoot at the weak rear armor. Avoid direct engagement with tanks or AT weapons. Remember to sweep for mines. Pumas are great to augment your anti-tank forces. Do not forget to use the aimed shot (the vet 1 ability) when engaging medium or heavier armor. It will jam the tank´s turret for 15 seconds so it will have difficulties returning fire.Tips from COH2.ORG

SdKfz 251 "Stuka zu Fuß" Half-track
"Six heavy 28cm rockets can be launched in a single barrage, destroying enemy positions and infantry. Effective vs infantry, structures, and light armor."

390 100 14

The "Walking Stuka" Rocket Half-track is a devastating indirect fire platform. Unlike other indirect fire weapons, the Walking Stuka chooses the direction of its 6 rockets, creating a destructive line.

!Pair with an Infrared Searchlight to identify targets through the fog of war, and choose the direction of the rockets carefully. After barraging, pull the unit back while its barrage reloads. You can use the Shift button to issue a reverse command after the barrage to automate the task.Tips from COH2.ORG

Schwerer Panzer Headquarters (Tier 4)
"Schwerer Panzer Headquarters orders in the most powerful infantry and armored units - elite and heavy forces capable of smashing through enemy infantry, armored units, or concentrations of both. Orders in the Obersoldaten, Jagdpanzer IV, Panther PzKpfw V Tank, and the Panzer IV medium tank."

200 120

Requires: Converted Battlegroup Headquarters or Mechanized Regiment Headquarters.

The Panzer Headquarters is fully loaded with potent anti-infantry and anti-tank options. In addition to unlocking an array of new hardware, the deployed structure also has a powerful flak gun on top. This can be deployed down the field to help secure territory or protect other structures.

!This building is well suited for deployment near the front line, but can be costly to replace. Typically it is more advisable to place it in a safer space near to your cutoff or base. Place it near a Battlegroup Headquarters for a powerful healing/flak gun combo.Tips from COH2.ORG

3.7cm Flak cannon: The Panzer Headquarters is equipped with a powerful Flak Cannon that will engage nearby targets.

!The flak cannon faces the back of the truck when not engaging targets. Face the back of the truck towards the action! If you face it incorrectly it will take a little bit of time to turn around before engaging targets.Tips from COH2.ORG

"Veteran infantry squad, can be equipped with an MG34 Light Machine Gun. Effective against infantry at long range."

400 10

The Obersoldaten are incredibly strong elite infantry available to the OKW. They have formidable long range damage, and should be approached with caution. They come also with two powerful grenades, one of them unlocked with veterancy.

!Use behind cover and at long range. Do not charge towards enemy squads. Do not forget to upgrade them with the lmg34 (or with the infrared StGs if you have the right doctrine) to get the most out of them. Without upgrades, the Obersoldaten are fairly weak.Tips from COH2.ORG

Jagdpanzer IV
"High velocity gun gives the Jagdpanzer IV effective capabilities against enemy armor and structures. Effective against light vehicles, armored vehicles, defenses and structures."

400 135 14

The Jadgpanzer is an excellent anti-armor platform. Although it lacks a turret it has sufficient range and punch to penetrate armor. Not effective versus infantry.

!Use with anti-infantry support units and spotters to engage enemy armor or buildings. Like all Assault Guns, smart use of reverse will help this unit engage advancing armor without getting flanked.Tips from COH2.ORG

Panzer IV Medium Tank

Good armor,Good weapons,and decent mobility make the Panzer IV a solid frontline tank.
Effective against most targets. Weak to heavy anti-tank,assault guns.

360 150 12

!This Panzer IV comes equipped with armored skrits which gives it an advantage over its Allied rivals(M4 Sherman, Cromwell and T34/76) in Tank to tank combat.Tips from COH2.ORG

Panther PzKpfw V ‘Medium’ Tank
"Amazing frontal protection and a high velocity 75mm gun make the Panther deadly versus enemy armor. Effective against all armored vehicles. Weak to infantry anti-tank."

490 200 16

The venerable Panther is also present in the OKW lineup. Heavily armored, fast, and equipped with a potent anti-tank gun.

!Use speed to your advantage. Panther has good range and penetration and is well suited for hit-and-run versus heavy tanks.Tips from COH2.ORG
King Tiger
"Excellent armor and an even better gun, the "King Tiger" can tackle any foe on the battlefield. Effective against all targets. Weak to massed anti-tank weapons."

720 280 21

Requires: All 3 sWs Half-tracks Converted

The "King Tiger" is a massive Heavy Tank with unparalleled armor and firepower. It requires all sWs Half-tracks be deployed into structures. An option to deploy it will then become available. Like all Heavy Tanks, it is susceptible to flanking due to slow turn speed and turret rotation.

!Pay special attention to the flanks of your King Tiger. Use supporting infantry to ensure the enemy does not get behind with an AT force. Use the King Tiger as a spearhead, but be careful about engaging too deep and exposing the weaker rear armor.Tips from COH2.ORG

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