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U.S. Forces Unit Guide

Hello Company of Heroes 1 & 2 fans! Welcome to the COH2.ORG Unit Guide for the US Forces. The US Forces faction is based on flexibility, and savvy commanders will take advantage of upgrades for their units. A variety of unit abilities allows US Forces players to handle threats multiple ways. Although the US Forces armor is relatively weak compared to some of the heavy tanks available to other factions, they make up for it by utilizing powerful combined arms.
Barracks (Tier 1)
"The Barracks provides core combat Riflemen, Rear Echelon Troops to help the combat effort and build defenses, and the Ambulance to heal troops and reinforce in the field. Orders in Riflemen, Rear Echelon Troops, and the WC54 3/4 Ton Ambulance."

The Barracks are available at the start of the game to US Forces players. US Forces are restricted to this tier for a few minutes as the other tiers have a fuel cost that cannot be met right away.
In addition to providing core infantry and a mobile healing/reinforcement point, the Barracks has two potent unlocks available for US Forces players. At the cost of manpower and fuel players are able to unlock Mk. II Grenades and Bazookas together with the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).

Unlock Grenades
"Unlocks Mk. II Pineapple Grenades and Smoke Grenades for Riflemen."
150 25 30 Per Frag grenade,
15 per smoke grenade,to throw

Unlock Bars and Bazookas
"Unlocks the Bar and Bazooka weapon rack. Squads can equip from the weapon rack for munitions."
150 15 60 (to equip BAR)
50 (to equip Bazooka)

"Riflemen are well-trained infantry who can fight infantry to light vehicles when properly equipped. They are the Backbone of the US Army. Effective at medium range vs infantry. Can pick up a variety of weapons from the Weapon Rack."

280 7

The US Riflemen is the core infantry unit for US Forces. Five soldiers equipped with the venerable M1 Garand provide a considerable punch. Riflemen are most effective at medium range, formidable at far range and are potent when up close. They also excel at chasing and annihilating retreating squads. Wise commanders will take advantage of the US Forces weapon racks to equip Bazookas or BARs to increase the squads firepower. Can hold two weapons.

!Use smoke grenades to flank enemies, or to cut off incoming fire from one side of an engagement. Steadily equipping Riflemen with weapons will help them scale into the late game.Tips from COH2.ORG

Rear Echelon Troops
"Rear Echelon Troops are often caught up in combat augmenting combat troops. Effective defenders and versatile, no army can do without them. Good for crewing team weapons, constructing defenses, hasty battlefield repairs, or last infantry pushes"

200 5

Rear Echelon Troops are the US Forces cheap support units. They are the dedicated Mine sweeping squad of the U.S. Forces. At the cost of munitions Rear Echelon Troops can provide Suppressing Fire, slowly suppressing enemy infantry. When this is used however,the squad will take extra damage,so be aware. When used as support to Riflemen, the Rear Echelon Troops are a strong addition to any army. In addition to repairing vehicles, the squad can construct a Fighting Position capable of being upgraded with a .50 cal machine gun. When a Rear Echelon squad is garrisoned inside a fighting position it can also fire a rifle grenade, providing additional firepower.

Can also construct Barbed Wire and Tank Traps. Rear Echelon Troops may purchase weapons from the Weapon Rack, re-crew weapon teams, and re-crew vehicles. With creative use of vehicle de-crew, a clever commander is capable of re-crewing vehicles with Rear Echelon Troops and using specialty vehicle crews for other tasks,such as Vehicle Crew Thompsons flank teams,or M20 Bazooka teams.

!Use Rear Echelon Troops to re-crew weapon teams or re-crew vehicles. Create Fighting Positions in range of important buildings in the beginning of a game to deny machine guns important houses with Rifle grenades. With Rifle Company, Rear Echelons, upgraded with the flamethrower, turn into your anti-garrison unit.Tips from COH2.ORG

WC54 3/4 Ton Ambulance
"The ambulance can distribute medical supplies to heal surrounding squads as well as reinforcing in the front. The ambulance comes crewed with a medic squad which can heal injured squads. Supply medical aid in the field and reinforce troops when not moving and in own territory and not in conflict."

250 10 4

The US Forces ambulance provides a mobile reinforcement and healing platform for allied forces. The ambulance must stand still in friendly territory in order to reinforce. The vehicle is able to "Distribute Medical Supplies", allowing them to heal all nearby infantry and weapons teams, including allied units. The vehicle crew can be disembarked and used as a non-combat Medic squad. Players can re-crew the vehicle with another squad, and the Ambulance is still able to reinforce and distribute medical supplies.

!The ambulance is lightly armored with low health so be careful with it. The ambulance can reinforce your teammates units similar to other halftracks and even heals them.Tips from COH2.ORG

81mm Mortar
Can fire smoke rounds and regular rounds. Effective at range vs infantry and buildings."

240 6

The mortar can fire HE and smoke rounds. A fast, mobile mortar with a short pack/unpack time with shorter range than most mortars. The shells have lower area of effect damage, but the mortar makes up for this by faster fire rate.

!Use the mortars' smoke rounds as alternatives to smoke grenades which require teching. At veterancy 1, the range of the mortars' smoke rounds increases to 80. This mortar is well suited to blind enemy HMGs or otherwise cover your assault. If you want an indirect artillery piece for direct combat in the open, consider buying a pak howitzer instead.Tips from COH2.ORG

Platoon Command Post (Tier 2)
"The Platoon Command Post orders in support weapons capable of suppressing and smashing concentrations of enemy infantry. Orders in the Platoon Commander (Lt.), the versatile M2HB .50cal Heavy Machine Gun, the mobile M20 Utility Car, and the M15A1 AA Halftrack."

200 50 8

When a US Forces player unlocks the Platoon Command Post, a Lieutenant squad is deployed to the field. This provides a boost in firepower for the player in addition to unlocking the tier structure. If the Lieutenant squad dies, the squad can be repurchased individually.
"The Lieutenant and his command squad are effective infantry and heavily armed. Gains veterancy from nearby allies. Effective at medium range vs infantry. "

300 8

!The Lieutenant comes equipped with a BAR, and a Thompson submachine gun giving players a massive boost in firepower when he hits the field.Tips from COH2.ORG

M20 Utility Car
"The M20 Utility Car is used for reconnaissance and engaging infantry targets with its M2HB .50 cal heavy machine gun. The M20 also carries M9 Bazooka anti-tank launcher, which arms the crew when they disembark. Effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Weak to tanks and anti-vehicle weapons. "

340 20 6

The M20 Utility car provides exactly what it says: utility. The M20 is effective as a light reconnaissance and infantry support vehicle. The car can deploy Anti-Tank mines at the cost of munitions. It can be upgraded with side skirts at the cost of munitions, granting a significant increase in durability against small arms fire. The vehicle crew can be disembarked to provide light AT support with its single Bazooka.

The Mines that the M20 lays will instantly immobilize any vehicle unfortunate enough to hit them. In addition, it will one-shot all light vehicles (Puma,Luchs,251/17).

!Keep this Baby alive! It provides very flexible support to any army. At a pinch, you can disembark the crew and fire on enemy armor with your Bazooka. Remember to upgrade to side skirts; they allow you to survive an extra hit from a Panzerschreck, which is crucial. Remember to plant as many mines with the M20 as you can! They win games!Tips from COH2.ORG

M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun Team
"The venerable and powerful M2HB .50cal heavy machine gun can tackle groups of infantry and has a round capable of penetrating the armor of light vehicles. Effective against massed infantry and light vehicles, but must be properly positioned."

280 5

The M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun is an effective suppression platform with a good damage profile. Quickly suppresses infantry in its cone of fire and also packs a punch. Use behind cover and with support as an area denial weapon. Like all weapon teams, the .50 cal is vulnerable to flanking and small arms fire.

!Use with support, and keep a spotter forward of the MG to increase vision. Crew with pathfinders from the Airborne Company to allow your Machine gun to spot for itself.Tips from COH2.ORG

M15A1 AA Half-track
"One 37mm M1A2 Autocannon and twin-linked .50cal MGs provide effective anti-air and anti-infantry support. Fires in a large arc from the rear against ground targets. A very effective unit against unsupported infantry."

310 50 8

The M15A1 is a potent anti-infantry and light vehicle platform on top of being fantastic Anti-Air support. With the fairly cheap cost to tech to this tier, and the low fuel cost of the vehicle, it can hit the field fairly early. Vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and tanks.

!Be careful about walking into hidden anti-tank weapons or mines. Use with infantry as spotters and mine sweepers to stay clear of trouble. This vehicle can be build early and packs a punch, making it a valuable unit to rush.

Once you positioned the M15A1 properly, use handbrake mode to lock the M15A1 down to avoid unwanted movements. Just remember you will have to deactivate the handbrake mode before retreating to safety.Tips from COH2.ORG

Company Command Post (Tier 3)
The Company CP orders in more powerful anti-tank weapons and light armor for aggressive expansion against enemy forces. Orders in the Company Commander (Captain), M1 57mm Anti-tank Gun, M1 75mm Light Pack Howitzer, and the M5A1 Stuart Light Tank."

200 60 8

Upgrading to the Company Command Post dispatches a Captain to the field. The Captain provides some AT support with a single Bazooka, and can be used to make units build faster. If the Captain squad dies, the squad can be repurchased individually.
"The Captain and his command squad can improve the actions of nearby infantry and are heavily armed. Gains veterancy from nearby allies. Effective at medium range vs. infantry and vehicles."

320 8

M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun
"The M1 57mm is the standard frontline anti-tank gun. Its combination of good penetration and excellent accuracy are needed against heavily armored enemy vehicles. Effective against tanks. Weak to infantry."

270 7

The M1 57MM AT gun is cheaper and more mobile than the Pak40 or ZiS AT guns. It lacks the penetration power of larger AT guns, but makes up for it with a cheaper cost and improved mobility.

Do not allow your enemy to steal away your 57mm, as it's weaknesses are irrelevant vs your armor.

!Use with spotters and other fighting units to provide AT support. Crew with pathfinders to allow it to spot for itself. Vulnerable to infantry, so keep it protected.Tips from COH2.ORG

M1 75mm Pack Howitzer
"The M1 Pack Howitzer fires a light 75mm round. The M1 is light enough to be moved by its crew and can be used against all targets. Effective against massed infantry and static targets."

380 11

The Pack Howitzer functions similar to a cannon. Use it to provide long-range indirect fire against infantry and light targets. The Barrage range of this unit is considerably longer than average mortars, and also packs a bigger punch.

!Keep the unit behind your lines, like all weapon teams it is vulnerable to flanking and small arms. Use the Barrage to reach targets outside of the normal fire range.Tips from COH2.ORG

M5A1 Stuart
"The M5A1 Stuart uses twin V8 engines for excellent mobility while its 37mm main gun provides versatile firepower against all targets. Effective against all light vehicles and infantry. Weak to tanks and anti-tank weaponry."

270 70 8

The M5A1 Stuart is an effective anti-infantry anti-light vehicle light tank. Although it cannot toe-to-toe with medium or heavy tanks, it has decent penetration at close distances. Can deal engine damage critical to vehicles at the cost of munitions.

!With 400 hitpoints,it can survive UP TO 3 hits from enemy armor or anti tank guns. Keep this in mind when engaging around anti tank weapons and planning your attacks.Tips from COH2.ORG

Battalion Command Post (Tier 4)
"The Battalion CP orders in the heaviest units available to the typical battlefield commander including the versatile M4A3 Sherman tank, powerful tank destroyers, and artillery support. Major orders in the M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank, M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer, and the M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage,and the M4A3E8(when choosing Rifle Company)"

240 120 5

After unlocking the Battalion Command Post a Major is deployed to the battlefield. The Major is a non-combat squad with special functionality. If the Major squad dies, the squad can be repurchased individually (cost listed below is replacement cost of Major).
"The Major and his command squad can act as a retreat point, call artillery support, and recon the battlefield. Gains veterancy from nearby allies. Not an effective combat unit. "

160 5

The Major has the ability to call down an artillery strike, call a recon run, and with veterancy can drop airstrike flares to fool the enemy into thinking a strike has been called in. Can also toggle to become a stationary forward retreat point.

!Setup you Major as a retreat point near an Ambulance. Retreating units will be able to heal and reinforce. Be wary of enemy assaults from the Air or ground on your Retreat point.Tips from COH2.ORG

M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank
"The M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank is armed with a versatile 75mm main gun effective against infantry and light targets but lacks the ability to reliably penetrate heavy armor. Can engage any target, but less effective against heavy armor. "

340 110 12

The main battle tank of the US Forces. The M4A3 Sherman lacks the strength to tangle directly with Heavy Tanks, it makes up for it by being versatile and nimble. The main gun can be toggled between Armor Piercing rounds for fighting vehicles, or High Explosive rounds for fighting infantry. Can also fire several smoke canisters while on the move to protect an advance, obscure a retreat, or supporting other units.

!Avoid fighting Heavy Tanks toe-to-toe. Be sure to use HE rounds when fighting infantry and AP for tanks. Clever use of smoke can help you flank enemy weapon teams, including AT guns.Tips from COH2.ORG

M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer
"US Forces field the mobile but relatively fragile M36 Tank Destroyer. While it trails in protection, there's no denying its effective 90mm M3 main gun that can penetrate most enemy vehicles. Effective vs tanks. Weak to anti-tank weaponry. "

350 125 14

The M36 Jackson is the US Forces primary Tank Destroyer. The Jackson is fragile, but packs a punch. Effective against vehicles, but weak against infantry and infantry based AT. It has long range allowing it to effectively engage from a distance.

!Use spotters to give the Jackson vision on enemy tanks. It is fast with a long range and turret, use it as a "hit and run" style tank destroyer.Tips from COH2.ORG

M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage
"The M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage carries the M3 75mm Howitzer. Light and maneuverable, the tank can get into position and rain accurate fire down on enemy positions. it can also fire its barrage on the move. Effective against all massed infantry and structures. Weak versus tanks and anti-tank weapons. "

260 75 10

The M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) is a mobile indirect fire platform that can also fire directly at targets. Highly effective against mass infantry, defensive positions, and even some light vehicles.

!Keep the HMC behind your lines and away from danger. Use its indirect fire to support units and break up enemy defensive positions. A vet 1 smoke canister can save the M8A1 from a tricky situation.Tips from COH2.ORG

M4A3E8 'Easy 8' Sherman
"The M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' is the pinnacle of Sherman development. This mobile and accurate tank uses the smoother HVSS suspension and a stronger M1 76mm main gun than the standard tank. Can engage all targets, fires effectively while moving."

380 140 14

!The Sherman "Easy Eight" has better survivability and provides mobile firepower greater than the standard Sherman. It was nicknamed thusly because this version had the new HVSS (Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension) suspension type which unlike previous Shermans, gave a smooth, "easy", ride. This Sherman is buildable from the Battalion Command Post as a passive commander ability,meaning you can build it at any time(no command point restriction) as long as you have selected Rifle Company and have the Battalion command post unlocked.Tips from COH2.ORG

!Avoid fighting heavy tanks toe-to-toe. Clever use of smoke can help you flank enemy weapon teams including AT guns.Tips from COH2.ORG
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