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WorldBuilder TotW#13: Abandoned Vehicles

19 Dec 2020, 09:11 AM
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Question, I want to add a few artillery pieces and I'm struggling a bit. I'm following the instructions but want to ask for clarity. Step 2. Can I save the Entity Group under whatever name I wish? Or does it have to match what's in the eg item tree exactly? Example, I initially named my Entity Group "Arty" and changed the code to "Arty" also. Fail, now I'm thinking I should save my Entity Group as howitzer_105mm_le_fh18 and then add the same to the code you provided? Also, in the map location, will the save reflect as a scar and a text document? Sorry, this is a lot.

The name can be changed. Try following the steps on the tutorial (not the comments) as closely as possible. Some comments may suggest using the _ID.scar file instead but this is no longer recommended. WorldBuilder overrides the _ID.scar file every time the map is saved. Instead, use <name of your map's .sgb file>.scar instead, so that you end up with 2 matching files amongst the other files (.tga, .info, .options, etc.) files:

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