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vCOH Real penetration tables guide

21 Jul 2019, 06:20 AM
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Hi, i've been work for a few months in this guide. It's a rework of penetration tables shown in coh-stats.com for tank guns and AT weapons, as well as base stats of vehicles, always having in mind the distance to the objective, and every combination of veterancy, both for the unit that fire the weapon and for the targeted unit. These real penetration values (penetration chances) were a mistery to me, till now. I made these "real penetration tables" with the raw data of cohstats.com, taking into account the last balance patch (data showed in cohstats.com hasn't been updated since before the release of that patch). In some cases of doubt I had to perform a manual fetching of stats in the game files too.

How do I calculate those penetration values? the math is simple: penetration table of the weapon X:
for each raw penetration value (penetration to an armor type):
real penetration = raw penetration * distances(L,M,S) * (optional) received penetration modifier * (optional) penetration bonus modifier.

The maths are too simple, but the amount of calculations is huge to do them manually, so I wrote a simple C# program that did the maths for me. If there is someone intrested on it, just send me a private message. I didn't uploaded it to github because the code it's too immature yet.

Real penetration tables from the point of view of weapons:
Brits weapons
USA weapons
Wehr & PE weapons

From the point of view of tanks resistance:
USA & Brits tanks
Wehr & PE tanks

Post analysis of these tables (traduced from spanish):
USA & Brits analysis
Wehr & PE analysis

Post analysis in spanish:
USA & Brits analysis (in Spanish)
Wehr & PE analysis (in Spanish)

I hope you find it useful. Regards.
21 Jul 2019, 12:06 PM
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Skirts for Wehr/PE Tanks only affects Stickybombs ATguns and Bazookas/Recoil guns Piats not the 75 of the Sherman
21 Jul 2019, 13:46 PM
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Wow, very impressive work!
21 Jul 2019, 19:10 PM
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I've just checked on game files and indeed the -10% of damage reduction of some guns to tanks with skirts are true, as it is shown in cohstats. I've taken almost all raw data from there, but if we have any doubt abount some value of it we can check it manually on game files. I use Corsix Mod Studio to open and read them.
21 Jul 2019, 19:35 PM
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Amazing work dude
14 Aug 2019, 01:40 AM
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very nice work
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