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USF vs static 1v1 slug fest comeback loss

13 Jul 2019, 23:32 PM
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I'm USF here, had a pretty fun game with someone roughly my skill level today

Would be good to get some feedback

I think critical points of this game came down to:
1. I made a silly doctrine pick while drinking coffee, was considering heavycav an didn't realise I picked it. Hell I had fuel lead and went major already. By late game come around his LEFH meant he had absolute artillery superiority and onus for making plays was on me.
2. Vilshanka is a very strong map for his weapon team spam, while I think I managed to "outplay" it with aggression and micro'd light artillery for the large part, it meant his game was not easily collapsed.
3. My mid late game deep flank, while initially very rewarding, ended up losing me multiple infantry on retreat from his sector skill plane, partially bad luck, but also partially a high risk situation I felt pressured into as no artillery superiority.
4. I neglected the initally subtle pressure of the LEFH until it was too late (already lost my infantry in an aggressive flank.) Instead my aggressive flank should have been to eliminate his LEFH as the manpower bleed would have been considerable instead of the focus on feeling out weak points at top.
5. Overtime his informational advantage through overwatch flares edge him in a lot of engagements to my detriment and in a 50minute game meant far greater bleed.

Overall on a less open map, or if I'd picked a calliope commander, or if I simply just did the risky flank on his LEFH instead I think the game could have easily gone my way.

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